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Does anyone know of a cheap babysitting course my friend and I can take in or near Baltimore?

Asked by mbubbles (166points) July 1st, 2009

My friend and I want to babysit together, but we’ll get more business if we’ve taken a course, so we’re trying to find a good one. So far, I’ve been unlucky, so I was hoping you could help.

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Check out the American Red Cross. They have offices most everywhere, and usually offer a course on babysitting. My daughter took it, and she loved it!

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Most child care organizations can help you, the Boys and Girls Club, The YMCA, and some parks and recreation agencies.

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I took the one at the Red Cross. It wasn’t very expensive at all. In our town, the YWCA offers one, too, as does LULAC.

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I know that Campfire USA used to offer a course. They’re everywhere too.

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Do any of you know how to get in touch with those organizations? A website, phone number , (website), e-amil, blah, blah, blah…

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Here’s the link to find your local Red Cross.

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