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Would you ever go on a tv game show?

Asked by Facade (22902points) July 1st, 2009

If so, which ones?
And if not, why?

I really want to go on Wipeout. My father said that I “wouldn’t dare embarrass him like that” He’s such a lovely man~
Also, I wanna go on that newlyweds show :)

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Wipeout? Naaaaaah.

Ninja Warrior / Sasuke? FUCK YES.

I’m not nearly intelligent enough to not embarrass myself on Jeopardy, and not nearly quick enough for Wheel of Fortune. It’d totally bring down the house on The Price is Right, though.

Wtf happened to Supermarket Sweep?

I feel slightly ashamed for knowing these things…

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haha i remember supermarket sweep. iono what happened to it though

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I’ve never seen wipeout, but i would definitely go on ‘Deal or no deal’ or ‘The Price is right’, i also really like ‘The wheel of fortune’. :)

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Probably not. I wouldn’t dream of going on a show like “newlyweds” or something else that involves a camera watching my “normal” life. I’m too weird for that and I hate being taped!

Other game shows…well nothing crazy…What about those “Human Tetris” shows that they have in Japan? That would be funky. I would try that but I’m not sure how far I would get hehe

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@vegelizabeth Wipeout comes on tonight at 8 on ABC!!!
and, good choices :)
also, we have the same first name :)

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I asked my family, my husband says I’d be horrible at Wheel of Fortune, my mother says I have no concept of what things cost so The Price is Right is out.
I’d be great at Lingo, they get idiots for that. I’d rock it.

I would totally go on a game show. It’d be a dream come true. Family Feud would be ideal.

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@seekingwolf those japanese game shows are crazy…

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@casheroo what’s Lingo?

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I’m too shy. ::hides::

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Family Feud would be great, especially when it comes time to explain how everyone is related to one another ;p

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I would go on “Worlds Fasted Googler”

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@casheroo- i love, love, love lingo. hahah i’d be good at it. easy !
And @Facade – I changed the channel and am going to watch it ! haha also, Elizabeth is a very common name, pretty though :)

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In a heartbeat.

they do let you drink on those, right?

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Yes! “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”

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Jeopardy or The Price Is Right are the only two shows I’d go on. I’m too old for Double Dare these days. And I’m sure it’s long off the air, anyway.

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@Blondesjon Drunk game-showing! I love it :)
@SirBailey is that still on?

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Every day with Meredith Viera.

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I’d love to see @Blondesjon on I Survived a Japanese Game Show. Or Solitary. I think he could win Solitary.

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Press your luck woulda been fun – no whammy no whammy no whammmmy….stop! lol

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I love chain reaction !

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If I could go back to the 70s, I might consider Hollywood Squares or Match Game.

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I would also go on The Match Game. How ‘bout The Gong Show?

Current shows; I’d go on Don’t Forget the Lyrics.

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Doesn’t Wayne Brady host that?

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Does The Amazing Race count. I’m pretty sure that with the right partner (Allie) that we would kick total ass.

She likes eating bugs and heights. I’m good with a map.

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Let’s Make a Deal. I’d dress up like a jellyfish and pick curtain #3.

Damn! I’m the proud owner of this now.

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I was so going to say The Amazing Race also. JP and I have already decided to be teammates.
@johnpowell (High 5) By the way, I promise to be very supportive if, by some chance, you get stuck eating the bugs.

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{terrorist fist bumps}

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I love Jeopardy, but I’d be too intimidated to compete.
If they ever bring back Remote Control, I am all over it.
Oh, and Cash Cab.

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@tinyfaery- i didn’t even think of cash cab ! Sign me up !!! :)

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I can’t think of any show I’d go out of my way to be on with the exception of Ninja Warrior/Sasuke.

They would never let me on a show like “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” or “Deal or No Deal” because I have a sense of composure and am not likely to jump around like a lunatic just because some swimsuit model opened a briefcase with a number in it.

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I would consider Jeopardy!, but that’s probably it. I don’t watch television, and I don’t know how I would feel being broadcast to hundreds of thousands of people. I’m a rather private person.

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Wheel of Fortune is my game, and I would love to go on it. I was solving puzzles in the middle of labor contractions! I also usually do well with Cash Cab… it’s like jeopardy for non-geniuses.

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@Facade: Yup. Wayne Brady does host that.

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Yes. I would fuck Jeopardy! up.

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They should have a Fluther tournament on Jeopardy. I bet more of us would be willing to look like idiots on TV if we were doing it together.

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Wipeout would be so much better if they just got rid of the helmets and life jackets. It makes Americans look like lawsuit fearing sissies.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic we are lawsuit fearing sissies lol. also, did you notice how they altered that one obstacle? they added a tarp thing. i think someone got hurt lol

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I would own at Ninja Warrior. And by ‘own’ I of course mean ‘die’, but at least I’d have fun doing it.
Actually, if they let you have practice runs, I do think I could make it all the way through, possibly with a respectable time.

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@Jayne Are we assuming the entire course is the first stage?

Because I’m not so sure I could even make it through the third stage.

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@Grisaille; well, not having actually done it, I may well be overestimating myself, and the cliffhanger in the third stage would be difficult to say the least, but I think given several tries I could probably make it at least through to the final stage. I’m very good at climbing :)

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@Jayne Oh my gosh, I totally thought this was the “remedy bad sex” question! I was thinking your response was rather steamy. lol

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@casheroo lmao! i thought the same thing. i had to look to see which question it was lol

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Oh, you girls and your raunchy little minds. Me-ow

@Jayne Cliffhanger is probably the hardest, now. Before they changed the pipe-slider ring-thing at the end, I’d say that was the hardest. It was a good 8 feet away from the finish line, and if you tried to swing, you’d just move the ring backwards. They changed it so that is slopes downward (instead of being parallel) and it’s possible to gain enough momentum to fling yourself to safety.

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@casheroo and @Facade; Oh, isn’t it? I always like to use ninja warriors to spice up my sex life, and I find cliffside romance very exciting. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘safe sex’.

@Grisaille; I wonder if it would have been allowed to do a muscle-up or rollover to stand on top of the bar, and then jump from there.

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I think hoisting yourself up on an obstacle is against the rules. They’re very strict about these things. I saw a guy in the last tournament get disqualified because, while climbing up the part where you have to jump from one ledge to another, doing a 180 midair – his foot touched a supporting beam.

Then again, I could be wrong about the hoisting thing. No clue.

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I have been on a tv gameshow , it was local tv tho and the show was called Pick a Number .
I was in secondary school was a school team , sadly the show is no longer and the channel was bought over and there archives destroyed :(
Not to be confused with this gameshow

This is the only show i have found online, it’s very early This is not my school or year i was on

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I think Hollywood Squares would have been fun just for all the humorous and sarcastic answers that the celebrities threw out there. Winning something would have been okay too.

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@Bluefreedom: That’s definitely why I picked the shows I picked. I would’ve been just as happy to lose.

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