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What is the most romantic thing you could say or do for a 3 year anniversay to a girl?

Asked by atr408 (357points) January 2nd, 2008

my 3 year anniversary is combing up and I need some ideas

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Hm, take her to a place where you first dated, then perhaps say it’s the best place you’ve ever been to because of her. Dunno, just a dummy suggestion.

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write a poem or song if she’s a romantic

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wine and cunnilingus usually works

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Make her dinner, it doesn’t have to be fancy, just heartfelt, candlelight is good. Then serenade her with a little song and dance to just the music and the candlelight.

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Something you’ve talked about doing together that sounds fun to both of you, but you’ve not been doing for some reason that makes it seem unreasonable.

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A true romantic gesture is tailored to the individual. As we don’t know your girlfriend, our suggestions are all going to be generic. A gift that shows her that you know her and value her individuality is truly romantic.

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Sit down and think, really think, about what she wants most in the world. And then give it to her. Experiences are the best, rather than objects.

And, I must add, it’s more impressive if it’s something that doesn’t also benefit you directly. I.e. getting her tickets to a concert that happens to be your favorite group can still be fun, but not necessarily what you are going for here.

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You got it right the more important is remember the day you’ve meet. If it’s the best day of your life just shows her.If she means a lot to you try to be at her “disposal” for 1 day meaning listen to her share with her

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