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Best way to go about recording a band yourself?

Asked by TylerM (276points) July 1st, 2009

I have a lot of audio/video knowledge—enough to know my way around things and then some. Though I’m only now getting into complex recording. I do use Audacity and whatnot but I want to get into DAW’s and Music Sequencers to record numerous instruments and track some CD’s.

I have most access to Windows PCs at the moment. What I’ve researched thus far is Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Sony. I have purchased an audio interface (Saffire LE) to connect to the PC through FireWire but need to know about what software to use.

Does anyone know the best software for recording? Cost is not an issue. Also let me know if I’m missing anything major; all I need is an audio interface and software correct?

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I’m not really sure but if you have the software and microphones and whatnot you should be set to go and when you do get big there will surely be some band or someone there that will support you guys and record your music professionally.
good luck!

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Well I’m a manager for a band in that I promote them and do the sound for them. I do the live audio but have no experience in the recording aspect of audio. I feel like my experience in live audio will make it easier for me to learn the recording aspect if I could just get that certain push in the right direction.

I know a lot of people will say that their band is great but these guys… they could be massive. We just have to record some decent demos to send in.

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I assume you have the correct condenser mics, vocal mics, mixers, drum mics, etc?

ProTools is where it’s at for recording, if you can afford it.

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Doesn’t Pro Tools require a proprietary audio interface? That’s the one downside. I need the best piece of software that will work with my audio interface.

Also, I do have the mics we’ll need for a demo. They are not amazing but they are quality for the price we payed.

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hahahahah My boyfriend’s band. they started with nothing, then began touring and recording.

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Ah. Well. I am not too familiar with it, but in my experience, it’s been the best I’ve used. But I see what you mean with the audio interface. I’m not sure…

My next suggestion would be Logic, but that’s only available on macs. Do you know about cakewalk software? I like that too…

And as a side note, I believe applesaucemanny had a question about some here. I recommended Kristal there, but it may not be quite sophisticated enough for what you’re looking for… It’s still a step up from Audacity. It’s also free, so it may be worth a try.

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Dude, computer tech is useless unless yo uget the expensive shit.

Get an 8-track recorder, or digi-8 track recorder… some condenser mics, and call it a day.

800 bucks, just under studio quality

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We have professional recording studios available for rent here in our area. Any band that want to record a demo can rent the studio and get professional quality recording.

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