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Does anyone here have their iPod Touch jailbroken? Please I have a couple of questions...

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) July 1st, 2009 from iPhone

I know it’ll void warranty, what I want to know is:
will I still be able to use the app store?
How likely is that I could brick it?

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If you brick it you can always restore it using Itune’s restore function and no it won’t void warranty you just need to restore it before you give it to apple. I’m not sure about the app store.

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I’ve jailbroken my iPod before. So has my boyfriend, and we jailbroke my mom’s.

Yes, you can still use the app store. As well as using the cracked apps.
It’s unlikely that you’ll brick it if you follow the directions. It’s super easy. I’ve jailbroken a bunch of iPods, and I’ve also restored my iPod to it’s original software, and then rejailbroke it..

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I havent heard of anyone bricking a device in a long time. You’ll be safe if you follow the directions like @chelseababyy said.

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First yes you will still be able to use the app store.

Second Unless you’re making a serious effort you should be able to brick your Ipod by jailbreaking it.

What jailbreaking is is unlocking your Ipod/phone’s potential. It also adds a special “app store” which is full of open source only apps. Jailbreaking is perfectly safe and have pretty much no potential downsides.

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