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How to ask a Chinese girl out for a date?

Asked by xmen24 (22points) January 2nd, 2008

I am an Indian. I don’t speak Chinese and I really like this girl in my class. Her English isn’t that good. Any help would be appreciated ;). Thanks, in advance..

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I guess writing her a love letter or an email can be a solution. If she likes u she will come up to u to talk further. Then u can try testing ur english on her. Its a tough call but is worth trying.

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Just ask her…if she doesn’t speak English very well, I am sure you’re not the only one to notice this. You’ll find a way of communicating if she’s receptive.

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Having been an international student myself (assuming this is the case with her), I was always looking to spend time with local folks to work on my language skills and for the cultural interchange. I assume this is the case with most international students. Due to language barriers, etc, it is sometimes hard to meet people to hang out with, so she may be really receptive to a non-chalant invitation to hang out. You may just want to see if she is interested in hanging out with a (coed) group of your friends as this may be less intimidating than “a date.” Then you can see where it goes from there.

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If she is in your class don’t ask for a date. Ask for a study buddy before a test. Hang out for a few hours and then ask for a date. After a a few hours you might be able to sense if it will work out.

And that way you can drop the “Do you have a boyfriend?” question without it being weird.

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Draw her a picture.

Or give her a cake.

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wow cool, people are still replying. Anyone knows a fast way to learn chinese. Thats the easiest wasy to impress someone.

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Dude… trust me, you dont wanna try to learn chinese…. I tried japanese once, and i didnt get anywhere after a week. I mean like full out trying and i got no where.

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Extremly vague question.Im gonna go ahead and assume that im a twenty year old white boy in china.Good question!
Eyes and hands say alot.Me personally.I would probably point to her, then me, and pretend to be eating out of some kind of dish.Repeat process as needed.

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