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Township government wording? Financials? or Finances?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) July 2nd, 2009

a township government website wants a section added called “financials” – shouldn’t it be called finances? or is there something about township government I don’t know about? or is this correct grammar? help!

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What about “Fiscal Policy” or “Annual Budget” or “Funding Information.” I don’t like using an adjective as a section title.

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If the section consists of their financial statements, I would go with Financial Statements.

If the content is broader, then depending on what is included Finance or one of Gail’s suggestions or Township Finances.

I agree with the inestimable Gail that I prefer not to use the word that way (as a noun) if possible.

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Here are the websites for my little township and the one next door. They have links to tax collection and town assessors. No sections about budgets, probably because it changes yearly and is listed in the local newspapers in great detail. Moneys from NYS and Feds varies a

Half of the funding seems to be generated by the local police who ticket us for speeding. (I’ll be in traffic court on July 14, instead of celebrating Bastille Day.)

(My real estate taxes are about 1/5 of my annual budget due to sparse population and lack of heavy industry. Worth it.)

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its just excel spreadsheets of bills :/ I dont know if that qualifies as “fiscal policy” lol

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@patg7590 By “bills”, do you mean laws or do you mean payables? It sounds to me like it is the Financial Statements. You’re a word person, aren’t you?

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i mean bills as in “disbursements” “expenses” “payments”

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“Accounts Payable Report” or is that too technical? “Township Espeditures”?

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do you mean speditures? or expenditures? is espeditures a word?

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@patg7590 Oo – sorry. Poor proofreading again – I meant Expenditures.

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