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Why do builders put the garbage disposal on the tiny side of a kitchen sink?

Asked by Dog (25152points) July 2nd, 2009

We have a kitchen sink with a large side and a small side. The small side has the disposer. Try as we might we cannot get the kids to comprehend keeping food out of the large side.

This morning one of my daughters asked me why the disposer was on the little sink we never use instead of the large side where everything ends up.

Because I had no answer I am asking here.

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Because they are supposed to scrape their dishes before placing them on the large side. Tell her that and make it a rule. :)

Food in the sink and on the bottom of dishes is the most annoying thing ever.

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I think it’s because the bigger side of the sink takes up more space in the cabinet underneath the sink, so putting the disposer on the side they do gives them more space to work with down there. It annoys the crap out of me too!!!

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@sanari That may be the intent but the reality is that if a large pan needs scrubbing to get off debris it only fits in the larger sink. I may make a project of switching ours to the larger side.

@La_chica_gomela I should go measure to see if it is possible for it to fit under the larger side. I did not think of that.

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@Dog: EXACTLY! If you have a 13×9 inch casserole pan, or any type of stock pot, it doesn’t even fit in the damn small sink, and even if you scrape it immediately, when you’re cooking stuff gets stuck and needs to be scrubbed! Having it on the small side is such a pain in the ass!

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Because builders often make assumptions about how someone is going to live in the houses they have built. I know that I vastly prefer a bathroom to have an openable window in it and an exhaust fan, but trying to get a builder to do that in our area is very, very difficult. They just can’t see that sometimes you might want to us the fan, and sometimes you would want to open the window.

As long as there is room under either side of a sink you can put a disposer under either part. You can also go one better, and put in a whole new sink that does a better job for you.

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