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Do nerds, such as the ones in Big Bang Theory, really exist?

Asked by MsProtoge (22points) July 2nd, 2009
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Yes. I lurve that show. It’s like watching a show about me and my friends, except the only difference is we’re all girls.

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@Les Amen, right? My friend and I are totally like Sheldon and Leonard.

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Then why did you ask the question if you, yourself, relate to them?

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More like, dressing as such, spending their days on the internet, relying on consistency, being tragically socially inept…etc, etc.

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Yes, nerds like that exist.

The difference is that in the real world they’re sad and pathetic, not funny and full of one-liners.

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Absolutely. I was (and still am) and hung out with some of them in college.

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I was one of those nerds, as were my friends in high school. And I beg to differ – some nerds (when relaxed and not being forced to be in the presence of the opposite sex) are indeed funny, spouting one-liners and puns like nobody’s business.

You guys just think we are sad and pathetic, but then we grow up to become someone like Bill Gates, and all of a sudden we seem oddly attractive.

Who needs to go to the prom, anyway?

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