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What was the first question you asked on Fluther? Did help influence you in stickin' around?

Asked by Grisaille (12043points) July 2nd, 2009

This is the very first question I asked.

It definitely did shape my view on this site and what kind of people visit and answer. I got a ton of great responses and a truckload of info. I’m asking just for fun; a bunch of you have been around for eons and I’m interested in seeing what got you started.

So, what about you? What was the first question you asked, and did it influence you? Let us reminisce.

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This was mine.

It was not really the main influence on my staying around on the site. More it was the quality of the Qs and the of the As, as well as the thoughtful, compassionate people, witty people I met here.

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mine was a legal question, I did not really get the answer I was hoping for, but people at least tried to help. And I realised while browsing around that there were many questions I could answer, and eventually that there were many interesting people and discussions going on.

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Fine, nevermind.

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I believe that this was mine. The responses were not the reason I stuck around, it was the format of Fluther and sense of community that hooked me.

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My first was about softcore porn.

I got the right answer really fast and looked around to see if I could help someone else out to repay the favor.

I didn’t want to use my question on for it. You only get one per week there. So I asked here.

Then I never left.

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@johnpowell That’s actually a pretty funny first question, for some reason.

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This was my first question. I was hooked from my first visit.

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@SuperMouse If you don’t mind me asking, did you end up leaving him?

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I got alot of great and interesting viewpoints on my first question, I guess that’s why I stayed…

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This was my first. While it was a pretty good discussion, my second was probably what really hooked me.

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All great questions.

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This was mine.

i joined christmas day

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I have no idea, and no.

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@Blondesjon thank you, I was in the middle of fixing dinner and didn’t want to take time to look it up

When my fortune cookie last night said “Your ability to work in a group will make tomorrow successful” I knew I was in for a bad day.

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Unlike @sccrowell, whose first action here was asking a question, it took me 14 months (excluding a seven month hiatus) to get around to asking a question and most here would say it really was not directed at the collective. It did however receive some very nice responses including one very significant one. It is right here, and I believe it holds a couple of records.See ya…wtf

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@whatthefluther I think you can safely say that. ***YAY***

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Yep, @whatthefluther. T’was a shame I wasn’t in LA that long so I could be a witness, though. :[

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@whatthefluther thank you for that link, every time I think of that thread I smile! I did not realize until I looked just now that the question got 83 great questions! If I could I would give it 83 more myself!

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My first question was a no no. I asked about another website similar to fluther where a lot of people had recently migrated from. At least it wasn’t the “woodchuck” question. I think that was my first question at the previous site . She slithers away in embarrassment!

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@Judi Whatever your first question was, I’m awfully glad you stayed. :)

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My first question was rather lame so I chose not to list it here. Apart from that, I was only on Fluther for a few minutes before I knew I was going to stay for a long time. I saw a load of good questions that I wanted to answer and I was off and running almost immediately and I’ve never looked back.

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This was mine. I was reading some Kerouac and wanted to hear how others would interpret that line. Y’all were such a smart, entertaining bunch o’ jellies, I decided to stick around.

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I pissed a bunch of people off. Their problem not mine. Had to stay after that. You all have so much gumption.

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