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Is there a hair/eye color combo that you find to be particularly attractive on the opposite (or same sex)

Asked by Jude (32162points) July 2nd, 2009

Are you a sucker for redheads with green eyes? Do you like dark hair, an olive complexion and brown eyes? Blond and blue eyes? Or, dark brown hair and blue eyes?

I’m a sucker for chicas with dark hair, brown eyes and an olive complexion..

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I like guys with big light brown eyes, and sort of curly brown hair, I don’t really like colored eyes on them, and I like dimples too

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I love dark hair with dramatic eyes. When I say drmatic I mean either blue or so brown/black that you cannot decipher the pupil.

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Pale and freckled girls with brown eyes and red hair usually cause me to trip over myself and potentially drool a little.

And conversely to popular taste I’m rarely attracted to blondes…

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Dark hair and hazel eyes.

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That’s tough. I can find any combination attractive, really.

I will admit – because I grew up in a predominantly Hispanic/Black area, I’m just naturally attracted to members of that ethnic group.

Ironically, however, girls of other ethnic groups are the exotic ones to me. A white girl with deep red hair, smooth skin, soft features and green eyes would fascinate me. Same thing if she had black hair and blue eyes.

So as I don’t find any combination particularly attractive – I tend to look at them, encompassing all the features instead of one or two.

@jonsblond Hey, that’s me! :]

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Light brown hair with hazel/blue eyes, a beard that grows in red just completes the look! Oh wait, I just described my man!

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Black hair, pale, and big boobs eyes.

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Just curious as to what y’all have. Me? Dark brown hair and silver/grey eyes.

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I have a mix of different shades of brown hair and hazel eyes

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@jmah Silver eyes? Woah! What’s your ethnic makeup, if you don’t mind?

I’m Puerto Rican, Malaysian, Spanish and black. Got black hair and hazel eyes.

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Auburn hair, green eyes, pale skin.

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My hair is pretty much gray at this point (even though I am only 43) and my eyes are blue.

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I like any combo that looks good (all combos look good)
But really dark hair with deep blue eyes looks very nice :)

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@Grisaille I get the dark hair from my Dad’s side (French) and the silver/gray eyes from both sides (I have relatives on both side of my family with that color). Mom’s side is Scottish/Welsh. When the sun or a strong light shines on my eyes they look quite blue.

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@jmah That sounds quite gorgeous. Your girlfriend is a lucky woman!

I’ve never met anyone with grey/silver eyes before.

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Dark hair a blue eyes turn me into a complete idiot every time!!!

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@jmah I’ve got blonde hair (who would have guessed?) and green eyes.

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@jonsblond, yep, I remember your pic in the Fluther photobucket group. Lovely combo on a lovely lady.

My girl’s got curly auburn hair, cute freckles, and light green eyes. I love it. :)

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Where can I find the pics?

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Seriously, I didn’t even know that having grey eyes was physically possible, besides in infants.

EDIT: Which means I should probably get out more.

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I’m a sucker for chicas with dark hair, brown eyes and an olive complexion.. i concur

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@Grisaille we have quite a few in our family with that color. This is pretty much the color that I’m talking about.

When the light shines on them, they’re more of a slate blue—lighten up a bit.

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@jmah Ah, I see. A steel blue, almost.

Very cool.

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I’ve always liked black hair on men, but I really think that’s the whole “my father has black hair” weird connotation. I’ve dated men who have all looked very different though.
My husband has brown hair and light brown eyes.

(I always had natural blonde hair and bright blue eyes, but as I got older I had to start dying it to keep it all blonde. I stopped dying it and went brown. I haven’t dyed it in over a year and rather like my dark brown hair next to my light blue eyes. My husband prefers it as well.)

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I like dark hair and blue eyes, it gets my attention every time.
@supermouse Saying “I have blue eyes” is quite the understatement, don’t you think?
In Supermouses picture the first thing you see are her big blue eyes which I’m sure everyone, man and woman comments on.

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@chyna Oh? <goes to Fluther group album>

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@Grisaille And? Am I right?

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@chyna Just found it. Holy cow, those are some beautiful eyes!

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Mine are just brown.

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Oh, you’re here as well?

* searches *

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Tell me where to go please, I wanna see too

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@Tink1113 – Here ya go.

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Thanks :)

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Hey, jay. You on here as well?

@chyna Yeah. They’re brown. But your smile makes up for it :]

I wanna add my picture, but too lazy to get a photobucket account.

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I saw them too :)

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@jmah, lurve for the link! A lot of new pictures have been added since I last checked! Very cool!

Mouse smiles and says thank you, and is still blushing.

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I tend to like guys with dark hair and light eyes. However, I don’t discriminate.

“Hi, I’m Allie. What’s your name?”

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red headed females with bright green eyes do it for me, and guys with dark hair and a baby face also works. Eye color on a guy isn’t all that important, hell I’d settle for one green and one blue as long as he was a cutie.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Heterochromia? If I met an attractive woman with such a condition, I think I’d fall in love.

Something mystifying about it.

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I like every combination but thats just me :)

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Women with blonde hair and either blue or green eyes. I think women with large eyes (any color) are beautiful. Add a nice smile and, you got me.

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Black or really dark brown hair with green eyes. It’s beautiful on either sex.

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I thought I had a preference, like men with light hair and light eyes, be that green or blue. However, my man has red hair and green eyes…and he is probably the most attractive man I have ever dated :) I don’t think i have a preference, there is something attractive about any combination :)

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Im a sucker for blonde hair, green eyes and smooth pale skin… makes me go crazy

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