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Why do my parents force me to take a coat everywhere i go?

Asked by GraceC (22points) July 2nd, 2009

ok i am 14 and have 2 older bro’s one 17 and one 19, when they were younger my parents were SO relaxed about what they wore
but with me they force me to take a coat everywhere i go- even in the summer and, and in the winter they make me wear, 2 t-shirts, a jumper and a big thick coat,even though i tell them im SO hot they make me keep all of it on.
for example we all went walking last weekend and we had to travel 1 hour in the car first, because it was cold they made me wear loads of layers, i was about to pass out in the care cos the heating was on full heat. My parents are ridiculous.
what do i say to make them stop doing this

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Because they care.

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Because parents are over protective of us girls

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I don’t want to hear another word about this young lady. And make sure you have clean underwear in case you get in an accident. ~_~

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You can’t really tell them anything because they won’t listen, but if you do…

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@GraceC when you have kids, you’ll understand.

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It’s because they care.
When you’re out on your own you’ll miss it. Believe me.

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It’s because they might get cold, so of course, you might get cold. It’s called love.

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Power and control.

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For some reason they think you are a delicate flower that will wither and die if ever touched by frost. Thus, they overprotect you. However, proving to them that you aren’t fragile by talking like a sailor won’t help. They will still insist you dress warmly.

It is also possible that in their old age their sensitivity to cold has increased so much that they figure everyone will freeze if they don’t wear all those layers.

In any case, they do it because they care.

Two t-shirts?

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One of the best ways to get around this is to say that if you get cold or wet because you didn’t have a coat, it’s your fault and you won’t start moaning you’re cold. If you did get cold, next time you might take the coat, just in case. You can always take it off.

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