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What do you do when someone tells you, you can't do something because of your gender?

Asked by Tink (8673points) July 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

I was just told I shouldn’t skate because I am a girl, and I didn’t do anything about it, should I have done something instead of just get mad?

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I usually just laugh. There are lots of things people can’t do for whatever reason and, in reality, gender is usually the last reason why.

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I wouldn’t pay any attention to somebody who told me that unless they were also in a position of authority or able to stop me. Then I would challenge it if it were something that mattered to me. I know I don’t want to use the men’s room, so that’s not going to be an issue.

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Unless it’s having babies. Men, while they have a lot in common with babies, physically can not give birth to them.

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And the guy who told me that doesn’t even know me, he just moved in the house across the street from me. And said I should just go “dress shopping” instead

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How old is he?

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I smack them with my purse and go home to cook dinner…barefoot.

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I don’t know he looked like he was 15–16 not much older than me

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He probably has a crush on you. Boys that age have a tendency to pick on girls that they like.

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Add them to the list of ignorant people I don’t speak to.

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He just moved in like yesterday, and had never seen him nor I think he had seen me

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Then you should challenge him to a skate off, kick his male behind, and suggest that he be the one to go buy a dress.
Or let it go… you know, whatever works for you.
I vote for the skate off, but that’s just me.

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Hmmm I should challenge his ass, loser should go buy a dress and wear it while skating I wouldn’t have a problem with that Ive done it once, ha great idea

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For the record, most chicks I know are better skaters than me. And I’m a dude the last time I checked. And I check pretty often.

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Well, he’s just dumb. Ignore him. He can’t think of anything better to say.

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@TabernakAttack I hope he does too

@Jeruba Yes he is dumb :)

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Ok guys I just challenged him and he said “No, I’d rather make out, what do you say?” Im like Never!! What an asshole!!!
He didn’t even know how to skate, so I laughed at him

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@Tink1113….The guy obviously found you cute and was tongue-tied first time he ran into you so he said something stupid. Looks like you have gained another fan. See ya…wtf

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I know how you feel. When a friend told me I couldn’t go into the women’s bathroom because I’m a male I was ticked, too.

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If he were to say that girls can’t pee into beer bottles, then I might agree with him. However, if he says girls can’t skate, I think I would just say “Oh, yeah?” and skate on past him.

I suspect he thinks you are cute but hasn’t developed any decent pick-up lines yet. At least he’s smart enough not to ask you what your sign is.

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Well all I know is that he is one person I will never invite over to a pool party, he’s a jerk and right now he outside trying to skate

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@Tink1113 It may be a little early to completely write him off as a jerk. He’s new in town, and a goofy teenage boy. Cut him a little slack. But just a little.

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That’s so oldschool!! I just saw a girl doing construction work the other day! Who ever told you that is full of shit. If I were you I would start practicing right away just to make him look like a jackass.

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He can’t skate

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I smile, take a breath, walk away, and do whatever they said I can’t and much much better than they ever could (or so I tell myself).

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He is so into you Tink… He’s trying to learn how to skate so that he can be with you. I’m grinning just from thinking about it…

This is so cute I can’t stop smiling!


And to answer the question before I get flagged… I’d probably laugh and agree with them. Because I realise that as a guy, I could probably never
– Use the female toilet
– Wear dresses in public
– Catwalk like those models on TV
– Balance on high heels
– Make a straight guy want me

Actually… Now that I think of it, all of those (except for the last one) are starting to become more accessible to guys too…

~is slightly disturbed~

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Laugh at them.

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@Darwin – girls can sooo pee in beer bottles. I think they just need to concentrate and adjust more. What’s your sign?

@Tink1113 – looks like someone has a crush on you. =)

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@Saturated_Brain Whoops make that ’(except for the first and last one)’. Can’t see men being allowed into women’s toilets anytime soon..

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If he is just trying to skate for me should I tell him something, because I don’t want to give him ideas that I’ll go out with him because he skates

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Why bother? It might be a good thing for him to learn to skate, whether it makes him attractive to you or not.

He could always get a job at Sonic.

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@Tink1113….He made a fool out of himself with his initial comment….let him pay the price for it (try not to bust up laughing every time he falls). See ya….wtf

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@whatthefluther -Ha the dude has fallen so many times I’m afraid he will break an arm or leg, and no I’m not spying on him, just making sure I didn’t cause him problems : )

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Pfft! Tink, you waaaant him.

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No I don’t!!!!

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hahahahaha omg what an idiot! and a jerk!

he is just mad that you – A GIRL – can do something that he – a too-cool-for school boy – can’t do.

the fact that he said that to you in the first place shows that he is probably not somebody you should waste your time on.

and the fact that he had the nerve to insult you and then ask to make out… wow, can you say dysfunctional!!

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He apologized to me and asked me if I can teach him to skate so I am, and he’s kinda dumb but I’m being patient

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Ah ha! I see his approach is beginning to work.

He may be smarter than he appears.

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Well he doesn’t try to hit on me, that I’ve noticed but I see he really does want to skate

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