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Why cant i submit an answer on here?

Asked by GraceC (22points) July 2nd, 2009

ok when i click answer it just doesnt register why?

i type in my answer and then click answer and nothing happens – please help !

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Do you type it?

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You type the answer into the box, right?

Then preview down below. Make any changes to the text in the text box. (You can’t change the preview text.)

Click answer and wait while Fluther does its thing. Then voila.

Right? What happens for you?

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Are you giving it enough time? 20 or 30 seconds?

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You can sing the Final Jeopardy Music while the little dots are circling by your name.

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trying it

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I love how you are all asking her questions when she doesn’t know how to submit her answers to them.

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@Ivan hehe, didn’t think of that.

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Oops. GraceC, if this did not help, you can Private Message one of us or email the mods for help.

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Thy holding down the shift button while clicking on the reload button in your browser.

This seems to be a common problem. Holding shift will clear the cache for this site and force it to download all the files again.

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What @johnpowell said. You probably need to clear your cache.

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If you’re using IE8, switch to compatibility mode.

Why microsoft can’t get standards into their thick skulls is beyond me.

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