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What is the best type of of cinnamon to use for health benefits - fresh cinnamon or a cinnamon supplement?

Asked by treeb (7points) July 2nd, 2009

I’ve been reading a bit about cinnamon for a variety of health benefits among them to reduce cholesterol…

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Get a container of organic cinnamon and generously sprinkle it on (as I do each morning) oatmeal, cold cereal and berries or a sliced raw apple. Turmeric is also a healthy spice (found in curry mixes) and can be added to salad dressing.

Additionally, I grind flax seeds in a little Krups coffee grinder and throw a few teaspoons of that on the same stuff daily. (Just don’t grind coffee beans in it.)

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@gailcalled That sounds delicious, and it wouldn’t hurt the coffee beans either.

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@YARNLADY: True. I am not a coffee drinker but those who are have two separate grinders.

I grind several days worth of flax seed at a time (4 T.) and refrigerate the grinder to prevent rancidity. I can understand putting cinnamon in coffee but would like you to try coffee with flax seeds in it and report back. (I also throw the unground seeds into pots and have nice blue flowers during the summer.)

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I put flax seeds in just about everything, and I wouldn’t mind flax dust in my coffee, either. It’s very common to put herbs and extenders in coffee for flavoring, and to lower the price, such as vanilla, chicory, cinnamon, and such.

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After the county installed a 911 system, I had to name my driveway due to two houses on it. I now live on Chicory Lane. No vanilla orchids growing here, unfortunately.

However, the blue chicory, yellow butter and eggs, pink vetch and clover, white Queen Anne’s lace, and wild daisies make up for that.

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@gailcalled Oh, how nice. I love those plants.

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@YARNLADY: It is the natural NE clay-and-shale -under-acid-soil meadow. Add wild tiger lillies, Joe Pye weed, Milkweed, blue bugloss and black-eyed-susans and except for the ticks, it is paradise now.

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@gailcalled I have to work so hard to get my yard to go “natural”.

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