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Am I able to take a train from Paddington London to Exeter London then to Exmouth London?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) July 2nd, 2009

I was wondering if that was possible because we’re going to visit a friend that lives in Exmouth London but our hotel is in the area of Paddington London.
Or how do we have to take the train to Exeter &/or Exmouth London?

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I’m assuming you mean Exeter and Exmouth England, not London. You always used to be able to take the train from Paddington Station in London to Exeter and then a local train to Exmouth, but since Britrail was broken up in the 1980s, much has changed for the worse in British train travel. I would Google it and see if you can find out what trainline is servicing the Southwest (county Devon) where Exeter and Exmouth are located. It is likely to be a journey of several hours.

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Just did the search for you. There are several daily trains from Paddington to Exeter; it takes about 3 hours and costs about $150. I found a site at that had the information. There may not be a local train to Exmouth any more but it is not far from Exeter. There is probably a bus or maybe your friend could pick you up.

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Exeter and Exmouth are about 200 miles away from London, k? Hardly think that classifies them as part of London. Get your facts straight. Schoolboy error.

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@jo_with_no_space Geeze I know, I did a type-o I was typing in a rush gah ”>.> Can’t people make a mistake? Conjo ohm.

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@janbb Oh and thank you for nicely correcting my mistake, unlike some person.

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