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How to stop headaches?

Asked by tocutetolive90 (888points) July 2nd, 2009

Advil works for maybe an hour, but then they come back strong. I always get headaches when I first start my medication. Which is a known side effect and not a bad one or won’t hurt me. Usually lasts a week or two, but kills for them weeks. Showers\ Advil only works some. any ideas?

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Pepsi. Or some form of caffeine.

I am not a doctor

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of course it may reemerge once you are finished

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Pepsi helps me too. Or I take Vivarin, a caffeine pill.

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ok i will try some caffeine

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Talk to your doctor. Tell her that you are having trouble with this side effect. She might switch your meds, give you something to counter the headaches, and/or refer you to a neurologist.

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Having sex and having an orgasm has been studied and said to help relieve headaches, in my experience it’s worked :)

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caffeine only will dehydrate you and make ur headache worse especially after it’s out of your system. Water believe it or not works wonders. You may be dehydrated, a lot of people are and they do not know it. It’s very common. Try drinking more water and getting more vitamin C in your diet. Either take a Vitamin C tablet or get it from OJ and other citrus fruits

My mom is a nurse and people come to her a lot complaining of bad headaches. This is what she tells them and you’d be surprised on how many people come back to her saying wow that really works. She’s not one to just hand out a pill for something, and unfortunately this is what today’s medical personnel are taught to do

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One of the best ways to solve the headache problem is to get a divorce or split from your partner.

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nice answer pezz. lol. and thanks for the advice mass I will try that

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