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Are men much better than women at making stupid "bets"?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) July 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

My husband has lost several bets in the past with co-workers. Twice he had to wear a dress to work. I’ve got the pictures, want to see?

He came home tonight and told me of yet another bet he made with a co-worker.

This made me think… When I was in the work force I don’t recall one moment when a female co-worker tried to make a bet. Is this mainly a “guy” thing?

Females: Do you make bets with friends or co-workers?

Anyone: What’s the most embarrassing thing you have had to do because you lost a bet?

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Pictures or it didn’t happen.

I had to come to work wearing a pink suit (purchased for Halloween) and top hat.

The bet was whether or not I can kick myself in the head. I had succeeded a few days earlier (drunk at the time), and co-workers swore I couldn’t do it again. Obviously, they were right.

Walking down the streets of NYC, people thought I was some kind of strange, short, multiracial pimp.

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I think it might be a competitive type thing with men. I used to get in the NCAA Basketball Tournament pool at work, but that’s as far as I went. I did participate in a football fantasy league for several years and made a few bucks, but that is not the same as a regular bet. See ya…wtf

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I don’t know that “better” is a good word for this phenomenon.
I think men are more likely to make stupid bets.

I’ve never had to do anything embarrassing because I lost a bet.

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I am female and I bet a coworker about how I think some data are going to turn out. I even made him sign a post-it. But all we bet was a beer, and I haven’t done the analysis yet.

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We need pictures.

I don’t make bets with anyone but my husband, and it’s usually things I know I’ll win…and I make him do things for me. Like my chores or fun things.

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It tends to be one of the symptoms of testosterone poisoning.

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I bet we’re not!

A friend of mine will be wearing a russian fur hat to the first day of next semester and will be “The Russian Exchange Student” because he lost a bet. But I think he wants to.

Really. Pictures. Please. You piqued my curiosity.

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That reminds me.. I lost the superbowl bet to Allie. Fuck.

But I did win a bet here about Obama’s VP pick. So 20 bucks went to Doctors Without Borders.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic You are right about the word “better”. It did grab your attention though. No?

@casheroo I make bets with my husband too. It usually involves one of us doing something to the other in the bedroom. ;)

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Why do I get the feeling I’m going to be the only one with a stupid ass bet?

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What does it mean to “be good at” making stupid bets? Perhaps that, despite the apparent stupidity of the bets, men win them more often than one would expect, because they intuit what is the correct side of the bet to take?

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I essentially made a bet with my coworkers in June of 2007 that the economy was going go to hell in a hand basket, and to buy gold. I then became “chicken little” and was questioned every day with is ” the world round?” Two of the three are gone now, it’s hard to collect my tab now.

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@jonsblond Is there such thing as a loser in such a bet?

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@jonsblond . . .I do believe you benefited from one of my stupid “bets”.

Broncos/Packers Super Bowl. I had to paint our living room.

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No losers. Just someone with a tired neck… and mouth.

@Blondesjon I must say that was a great day.

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* Dry heave *

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@jonsblond Pictures, or I really can’t believe you. @johnpowell And what exactly did you lose to Allie?

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Somehow that picture looks oddly like Tony Curtis.

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@Darwin He looks more like Jack Lemmon. imo Sexy, isn’t he!?

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Aww… No bigger size?

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He’s not really my type.

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Thats not really him, is it?

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ahh…some like it hot….wtf

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I once lost a bet and had to shave half of my beard off, and leave the other half on for 24 hours. And go out in public.

I don’t bet much anymore.

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@Tink1113 No. Sorry to disappoint. The pictures of him were taken in the early 90s. I don’t have a scanner. :( I will find a way to show everyone at some point in the future.

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@jonsblond -Ok : )

Well one time I lost a bet I had to wear my bathing suit to school, but good thing they had dress code, so instead I had they made me walk around barefoot in p.e and it was burning hot so my feet were dirty, red and I got burned

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Have you ever heard of a slap bet? Made popular by the Television show, How I Met Your Mother

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My husband is slightly guilty of this; however, I do believe that the last time he did one of these and he had to wear makeup to work, it pretty much ended his stupid bet urge.

Now, he and I are so competitive, it will never end. Right now, I’m recovering from foot surgery and had some complications. I’ve been in immense pain, some of the worst I’ve ever faced; however, did it stop me from making a stupid bet with my hubby? Not a chance in hell. He look pretty funny trying to walk around in my high heels. (way to small for him, too!)

I’m the queen, I rarely lose a bet!

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My husband bets and loses all of the time. I only bet if I am pretty certain I will win!

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hmmm, no comments, so i guess that everyone here agrees with my belief that men are more intuitive than women.

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