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What kind of swimwear is best for curvy body types?

Asked by hlyx (2points) July 2nd, 2009

I’m 5’2”, 38C, 135 lbs (I wear a 6–8 US size) and I’m looking for something to wear at the beach. What shape or cut of bikini would look best on a curvy woman like myself? Are monokinis an option? I’ve seen some cute ones online, but all the models wearing them are, predictably, stick skinny.

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After not being able to find a suit that looks nice, this suit looks best on me and we’re about the same size. Be sure to get the “tanga” bottom (the one w/o the strings)

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Speaking as a guy? Anything you feel comfortable in.

I’ve very attractive women in butt-floss and look understandably rigid. I stay away from them, as my first impression is that they are shallow, attention grabbing individuals.

Conversely, I’ve seen natural, curvy women in a cute one-piece just having fun and have approached them. It’s less about what you look like in them (yes, it does play a huge part) and more about how you feel in them, regardless of your intent.

But again, that’s just perceptive B.S., and I’m sure Facade and all the other ladies have much more substantial answers.

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I’m about the same size, too. Honestly I think the most important thing is to get a suit that fits. When you’re curvier, something that’s too small looks just awful. @Facade might be onto something with the cut of that one, though—the one I’ve been wearing this summer also has a halter neck and I love it.

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Right, the less something digs into your skin (i.e. a swim bottom that’s too small) the better you’ll look

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Look for a halter bikini with a thick band under the boob parts and try to find tops that tie at both the top and back. That’s the best way to get support on top.

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Halter Top or Tankini with boyshorts.

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As we don’t weigh in “lbs” and measure in “foot” here (Netherlands) I can’t imagine your bodytype. What I do know is that as a man I love seeing monokini’s, though it might no be so practical when tanning. What you see here a lot with every bodytype, just a bikinibottom. But I heart that some countries like the US are still a bit sexist about a woman’s breast, they are a bit “Ehwy!” about that.

My advise, go to a specialist store.. find someone you trust (maybe same kind of figure) and let them judge from what they see. It’s very hard to judge from a bunge of numbers.

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Oh yeah the boyshort thing seems to be all up and comming the last years but I think it awefull, unless you’re surfing. It’s a BIG no-go in public pools if you ask me!

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Oh I’m not an expert at this, what I called monokini.. it’s that bathingsuit/bikini combo right? Or is that a trikini?

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I agree with @Likeradar, a halter top with thick bands and some support under the boobs is essential.

Also, make sure the bottoms fit well. Other than that, it’s all about how you feel wearing it. There are also plenty of websites with tips on this topic

Hope that helps!

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as a curvy woman my self i find all in ones good with halter necks straps to give your boobs a good support. you can also get ones with built in bras to give you added support. make sure theyre thick, strong straps though (you dont want to have a wardrobe malfunction lol). if you feel self conscience about your stomach on legs you can wear a sarong over the top. prints can also hide stomachs well.

hope this helps :)

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