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I have a plum, can I open up the pit and plant the seed?

Asked by simone54 (7624points) July 3rd, 2009

What if I open up the pit and take out that little seed and put it in some soil? Will it sprout a plant? For some reaon I don’t think it will work.

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It might, but don’t expect it to bear fruit consistent with the quality of that plum. If you liked the plum and want more of them, but a high quality plum tree.

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I think the pit is supposed to be left whole, not split. You put it in a baggie with some water first, then when you see a little root start to grow, plant it in very moist soil.

Be patient. Every step of planting a fruit tree from seed might take months and then it can take 5 to 15 years for your fruit tree to bear fruit. Be aware of these timetables going into this and decide if you want to make this commitment.

Don’t expect the fruit from your fruit tree to taste like something from the grocery store. It will likely be worse because it has characteristics from its “mother” and “father.” This is why fruit trees today are grafted—it guarantees the tree will only give good fruit.

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You leave the seed whole , plant it in well fertilized manure you will get a great plant . You may not get fruit for a few seasons tho , but when you do wow be ready to start cooking and have plum for every meal . You have to dry the stone before planting .

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I think I’ll just buy some more plums….

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Our neighbors planted plum trees next to our fence, and trees grew up all over the place on our side of the fence. The original trees were removed by the new neighbors, but our trees are thriving. It is somewhat inconvenient, because most of the fruit grows right over the pool, and falls in, but I love the shade and the flowers (which the pool man hates).

It seems that nearly everywhere a fruit falls, a new tree grows. It’s nearly a jungle out there. None of the fruit is edible though.

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“I think I’ll just buy some more plums….”

That is the simplest solution and the one I would take. :-)

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Plant the whole pit. Keep in mind it will take years for your little seed to become a fruit bearing tree.

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Might as well try. If it works you will get plums in a few years and the world will get a new tree. If it doesn’t work you wasted ten minutes.

It is cherry season around here. Last week a neighbor brought over a huge bucket of just picked cherries. The kids loved them. And my sister made a few pies. Yummy.

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