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Tonight I lifted 265 pound on the incline bench press machine 12 times what does that equate in terms of free weights for incline and regular bench pressing?

Asked by Kraken (1177points) July 3rd, 2009

Exercise with machines and conversion to free weights.
Keep in mind that I am 5’ 8”.

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free weights? just a stab in the dark but probably around 200–220 if I had to guess. impressive none the less. all I know is I do 220 on the incline and I only do about 190–200 with free weights.

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thats harder to determine, obviously you wont be able to do as much. It depends a lot on your balance and how strong your surrounding muscles are too. Considering it’s a machine too makes it tougher. How much can you do on the barbell flat bench for your one rep max if you’ve ever attempted? I have a formula in one of my books that can pretty much determine your questions if you give me those answers. It is fairly accurate as well

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Wow! I carried a bag of shopping home today so I’m almost a he-man too!

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