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What's the best ergonomic chair for my home office?

Asked by uniquenewyork (295points) July 3rd, 2009

Getting bad neck problems, need to take care of it ASAP.

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My husband gave me this Herman Miller chair for Christmas a few years ago. I think it’s wonderful.

Also do an ergonomic check of your workspace: height of chair, height of screen, etc. And force yourself to remember your posture. Straighten up and quit slouching. Move around and change position. You can find out how to do this yourself, or you can wait and let the physical therapist tell you. I could have averted a lot of pain and a lot of prescribed workout sessions if I’d had a little sense a little sooner.

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Aeron chairs are expensive but worth it if you’re having ergo problems that cause you pain.

Don’t be afraid to call a Doctor either as it could be something else if the pain is that bad.

As for the work situation, don’t put too much trust in your work’s ergo eval.
I got an ergo eval at my job from a woman who left 1 month later due to severe ergo problems of her own. Her advice was all bad.

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Thanks to both of you. I’m going to physical therapy, but I really need to create a better workspace b/c I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. I’ll check out the chairs now!

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I bought a very nice Sealy Posturepedic chair, or as they call it, a “seating system” (by the same folks who make the mattresses). I bought mine from OfficeMax at a close-out price (they discontinued selling them). It is an attractive chair, has lots of levers for adjustment and is very, very comfortable. Mine is microfiber tho they also have leather models. Good luck to you. See ya….wtf (my initials)
PS: Welcome to fluther!

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Few ergo workspace checkpoints:
1. Lower back support (s5 disc in lumber vertebrae to be specific).
2. Arm support, mouse and keyboard at elbow height.
3. Computer screen should be comfortably viewable at 1/1.5 feet from eyes and at approx. level/height of eyes (a little lower can do).
4. Height of seat such that feet should rest on ground so that pressure on thighs is appropriate.
5. Seat ventilation to keep your buttock heat dissipating.

Moreover, lighting and ventilation should be kept to feel comfortable.

Things that can help you:
1. Do not sit too much at a strtch; take a walk around. Sitting too much results in blood sitting more in lower portion of the body supplying less to upper part and esp. brain (that might result in dizziness). Taking a walk or a little exercise keeps blood circulation to all parts of body and keeps heart active.
2. Blink eyes regularly. Looking at computer screen results in eye strain. Blinking also cleans eyes and removes heat.

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I stole what used to be a kitchen chair from my parents’ place when they rennovated it. It’s enormous, I used to squat on it even as a teenager. The design is very basic, it’s all wooden, very sturdy, with a huge square seat and a strong back. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but it works for me.

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what @prasad said!

The two chairs that ended up on my short list were the Aeron and the Freedom Chair —the Freedom chair was just out of my budget, so I went with the Aeron, and have been very pleased.

Keyboard tray is one of the usually missed products in all of this. I had a humanscale one one place I worked—really really nice, but super expensive. Here, I got a low-end one, that’s turned out pretty nice. It’s a little more “manual” (e.g., it doesn’t just flip under my desk and return to it’s previous location when I pull it out), but I’ve been happy with it. The movers lost a piece of it, so I’ve been using my keyboard up on my desk, much to my muscle’s chagrin.

I’m pretty sure I got my keyboard tray from these guys:

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