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Can i watch full episodes of ''the L word'' on youTube?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) July 3rd, 2009

Im trying to find them but there are not complete, i want to watch the whole seasons

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Not on youtube. Try Hulu.

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You can, but it’s harder if you don’t catch them as they’re coming out… Any video rental store should have them by now though. (As well as hulu, like @dverhey says.)

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Just checked Hulu, they only have clips.

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Actually I just checked youtube and have found full eps… They’re split into parts of course, so I’d just make sure they’re all there before you start to watch one… Try searching “the L Word Season 1 Episode 1” or whatever ep you’re on, it’ll be easier that way.

Surf the channel also seems to have all of them:

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Oh well. Hulu was all I had.

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it is a pain in the ass.

the key words you use will help you. you have to be specific:

the l word season __ episode __

you can even try: the l word season __ episode __ part 1

netflix has seasons 3, 4, and 5 on instant watch. and it has all the seasons for renting.

you can also google “the l word streaming” and see if you have any luck

…good luck!

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I found the whole seasons at Blockbuster video, so I’ll rent them for $0.99 each DVD and transfer them to my iPod! ;) that’s better. Thanks everyone!!

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nice! good choice!

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