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Is it more common lately for married men wear wedding rings?

Asked by ubersiren (15175points) July 3rd, 2009

Growing up, my friends’ dads, and mine, didn’t wear them. Now it seems like it’s much more prevalent. Why is that?

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Our society seems to be moving towards equality in many aspects of life. This is one of them.

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I didn’t know men didn’t wear rings before

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When did you “grow up”, @ubersiren? I’m 30, and my father’s had a wedding ring for as long as I can remember. I didn’t realize there was a time before that they didn’t.

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I wonder if it has anything to do with committment? In my family, long marriages are the norm, and so is wearing matching rings. My sister has given our Grandparents rings to her daughter and husband, I gave our parents rings to my son and his wife. I designed the rings Hubby and I have worn for nearly 35 years, and his parents both wear, as do his sister and her husband.

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“The double-ring ceremony, or use of wedding rings for both partners, is a relatively recent innovation. The American jewellery industry started a marketing campaign aimed at encouraging this practice in the late 19th century.[7] Learning from marketing lessons of the 1920s, changing economic times, and the impact of World War II, led to a more successful marketing campaign, and by the late 1940s, double-ring ceremonies made up for 80% of all weddings, as opposed to 15% before the Great Depression.[8]”

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My dad always wore his ring – roughly 30 of my years.

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I always wear mine proudly, unless performing a task that might harm it. See ya….wtf

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Hmmm, maybe it was just where I grew up, and not when I grew up. I seem to be in the minority.

@MrItty: I wasn’t sure that there was a time before where they didn’t wear them either. That’s why my title question is worded the way it is. And in my description I mentioned that it seems more prevalent now. Thanks for the info you provided; it’s very helpful.

My husband wears one, yet his dad doesn’t. I’m sure it’s just preference, but maybe it’s a Maryland thing? Or some other thing?

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I never realized that men wearing wedding rings was ever out. My dad’s been wearing his since he married my mom in 1958 and I’ve worn mine during my six years of hell with the ex and the twenty-two years of heaven with my current squeeze.

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Strange, I just noticed the other day that my Grandpa wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. My Grandma was. I thought at first that he might have just taken it off because he’s old and what does a ring matter?, but I hadn’t thought of the possibility that he never had one to begin with, or never wore one regularly. I’ll ask him (or maybe my dad) about it.

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@petethepothead he’s probably just trying to score some on the side. Pfizer is doing wonders these days…

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Someone asked my husband why he doesn’t wear his ring during the week. For him, it’s a matter of safety. He is a mechanic and it can lead to a very serious injury, if he wears it. On the weekend, he wears it all the time.

To end the question of commitment issues, he has the day we got married tattooed on his finger.

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@cak My father rarely wears his ring either, because it can be dangerous at work…it’s just easier than taking it on and off at work, and risking losing it.
Most men I know wear their wedding bands, unless work prevents them from it. I know a lot of men in my family who are in trades that force them to take their rings off. But they usually wear them on weekends or extended periods away from work (like vacation)
My husband never takes his off, I was worried he wouldn’t be able to wear it to work because of the excessive heat he deals with, but he says it’s not an issue. We don’t have matching bands though, his is thick and plain..I wanted something thin and shimmery.

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@cak….That’s a wonderful way your man expresses his commitment, especially because he can not wear his ring at all times. Once again, lurve to you to pass on to him! See ya…wtf

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growing up, i always saw my parents wearing wedding rings. i have mine on now as i write. hasn’t been off in 13 years!

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I’ve seen the opposite trend, but I live in Europe.

I wear mine even though I’m divorced (it’s no longer a wedding ring though)

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I did not wear one for the first three years of marriage because we were to poor to buy 2 rings. After I got my ring I put it on where it has stayed since. My ring is just a cheap simple gold band no frills but I love it because it reminds me where we came from.

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I think I’m the only woman I know who doesn’t wear one. Both my ex- and my husband wore/wear theirs, always… but I have a bad reaction to jewelry, so I don’t except for short periods of time (special occasions and the like).

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No matter where it is that you grew up.. it’s sure to be a good sign that men who took vows of union with their spouse are finally able to grant their wives the meager privilege of displaying their status in the form of a simple ring.

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Every adult male in my family who was married has always worn a wedding ring. And I know my great uncles. And you can bet your booty when I get married, my husband will wear one too.

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@wtf he said thanks. :)

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@cak…You two (obviously a very special man and a very special lady) are very welcome. And there is a lot more lurve where that came from….and I love to share the lurve! See ya…wtf

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