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What should one expect when getting a professional wax for the first time?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) July 3rd, 2009

pain, duh—anything that isn’t obvious?

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It’s weird. I was just looking for a waxing place

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What body part?

If it’s down there expect to be put in all sorts of weird positions.

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Never had that done down there and I don’t think that I could do it. Youch!

Kelly Clarkson!

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Where on your body?

I’ve had my lady bites waxed, I used to go every six weeks (once my body got used to it) and it would hurt sometimes, but nothing serious. I have sensitive skin so if I didn’t pull my skin tightly I’d get giant hickey like marks.

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probably a rash.

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Ugg! Not my favorite thing.

It depends on what you are having waxed. A few common factors, though:

1. If the hair is too long in the area that is being waxed, the person will trim the hair, the proceed with the next step.
2. The person will clean the area to remove as much body oil as possible, or anything else. This is to help the wax adhere to the skin better.
3. They will apply a thin layer of wax, yes, it will be warm, but not burning. If the wax is really hot, let the person know; however, I’ve only had that happen once the entire time I’ve had things waxed.
4. You will feel you skin be pulled taut and the strip will be removed, quickly and parallel to the skin. Also, the strip is removed in the direction of the hair growth, not the opposite, like a lot of people think.
5. Immediate pressure should be applied to the area where hair was just removed, this will help with the stinging and also should help with possible bruising.
6. The person may or may not apply some type of soothing “oil” to the skin or some other type of post waxing product. My advice, no oils! Something more of an antiseptic, but not an oil based product. You might run into some bad type of reaction – like me!

For the bikini area, they will probably have you put a throwaway pair of panties on, believe me, it is far better than getting that on your undies.

I don’t do well with waxing. I’ve switched to threading and I’ve had some places professionally treated (laser hair removal)...waxing can cause a reaction for some, so be careful!

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@cak: Thanks for the long post! I really appreciate all the info! What is threading?

As far as the common question: “What part?” I didn’t say because I haven’t decided yet. Tell me about whatever parts you know about.

Thanks everyone!! <3

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@La_chica_gomela – no problem – I hope it eases any anxiety. I can deal with things when they are very matter-of-fact, I’d rather know step-by-step what is going to happen. No surprises!

Here is a video on threading: threading

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