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What do you call these new gravi bikes?

Asked by Jack79 (11014points) July 3rd, 2009

Trying to google all sorts of combinations but can’t find them. I think you know the ones I mean, they work without any apparent source of energy. No motor, no battery, no pedals, nothing, you just shift your weight and they move. It uses gravity, but words like “gravitation/antigravity” etc haven’t worked. I’m not even sure if they’re called “bikes”. You stand on them and they have 2 big sidewheels.

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Are you talking about the exercise thing? It looks like two scooters attached to a center steering thingy?

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@tyrantxseries yes! thank you, these are the ones. My cousin wants to buy one, but didn’t know the name. Segways. Thought they worked with gravity but apparently they have a battery.

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I’m so great

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I think they have some sort of gyroscope thingy in them

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The gyroscope is for balance and steering. They are very definitely powered by an electric motor and battery (the gyroscope is too, actually).

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I also thought you meant this in that the motion of your body makes them move. It is better for your health than a Segway.

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Segways have batteries but they are way fun. If you go to Disneyland you can take a segway tour of california adventure before the park opens. It’s really fun.

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Wow, these seems fun. I never knew they exist. I thought they usually have to push them by your legs.

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you stand on them in between the 2 wheels and tilt the upright back to move…get the speed right now! battery charged as said above..

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