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Should I go to Battery Park tomorrow?

Asked by wildpotato (15224points) July 3rd, 2009

So this will be my first 4th in the city, and I want it to be awesome. I figured that I couldn’t do much better than the big show by the Statue. But my friends are telling me that they would be put off by the size of the crowd. Is it worth it? If not, what should I do instead? The celebration on Roosevelt Island is another tempting possibility, and will also have fireworks. Or I guess I could go to NJ and watch the show from Liberty State Park.

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Yes! You shouldn’t mind the crowds. No one is tall enough to block your view. Everyone has to look UP to see the show. Enjoy!

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I totally want to go, now. Wasn’t considering it, but hell – I’ve been cooped up for a while.

Might make a trip down there.

Or go to East NY and check it out there!

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I don’t know (it all sounds good to me). All I can say is that I miss that city (NYC). Lucky girl.

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…or even Brooklyn.

Man, I really haven’t thought of any of this til, like.. right now. Eep.

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Well it’s not like you gotta make reservations at least. Yeah, another possibility is a few parties in Brooklyn with roof access, or there’s this thing at Union Pool that sounds pretty fun – but it takes me like 3 hours to get back from there late night, so I’m thinkin maybe not. Thanks, you guys are giving me the heart to venture out tomorrow instead of just stand on my roof and squint.

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My neighborhood in Brooklyn usually has a decent view from the Promenades down at the end of Montague Street or even in DUMBO. Not sure if it will be viewable from those places this year. I overheard someone saying the fireworks show will be on the west side of Manhattan this year.

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Go! There will be a mammoth crowd but that’s part of the experience. You’ll be going with others so they can hold your spot if you need to go to the bathroom. Go early. VERY early. I understand the fireworks will be on the West side this year. Make sure you know for sure where things will take place.

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Depends… Why do they call it Battery Park?

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@loser :: Energizer bought the rights to name it. Or they beat the shit out of you when you walk into it.

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I’m a New Yorker and the second thought ain’t far from the truth if you go late, and alone.

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Ended up at Liberty State Park on a picnic blanket about 50 yards away from where they set off the fireworks. I can’t believe it was so deserted – only a few other people were around! Then we turned around to watch the fireworks on Roosevelt Island behind the city. Wonderful night.

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@wildpotato That’s fantastic! I ended up staying home. I try to avoid driving on holiday evenings if said holiday is on a weekend due to the increased amount of car accidents and checkpoints (guilty of having a busted taillight). Sure, I guess I could jump on the subway instead but I’m not keen on public transportation. Glad to hear your night was awesome.

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I miss Battery Park. Would go every day if I could.

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