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What color do you prefer red or blue?

Asked by atr408 (357points) January 3rd, 2008

I prefer red

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If it was something I was wearing – red

If it was something that I was using color for like painting or coloring then blue :)

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This is an anthropocentric question. What we call “red” and “blue” may be quite different to other animals, especially dichromatic or monochromatic animals (those that have only one or two cone types – most humans who are not ‘colot blind’ are trichromats, i.e. they have 3 cone types). “Red” and “blue” are just wavelengths of light of a certain length in nanometers, which, according to the types of cones you have, look a certain way. Sorry to nerd-up such a simple question, I can’t help myself.

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Red – I am human. Can’t speak for the guy above me :-)

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That’s okay, I can barely speak for myself.

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red because I am a fireman

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And to brownlemur, of course it is.. how many questions/answers from dogs, horses, snakes, kangaroos, hippopotami, etc. do you see on here? :P I imagine the lack of opposable thumbs would make it difficult, at the very least.

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Koalas have 2 opposable thumbs. Sort of.

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Depends on the shade.

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lol whats with the all great answers on all the reds, hmmm i think someone really likes red ^_^

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blue.. as in: cerulean.. as in: crayola…

as in.. that’s it.

p.s. – this is not an anthropocentric answer, because I am a three-toed sloth. so there.

p.s.s. and that other answer was not anthropocentric either, because brownlemur is, quite obviously, a brown lemur.

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blue, as is sky blue. Seems to be lucky for me.

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red.. It is said that dark colors make you fell sad!!!

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