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Is it possible that Sarah Palin really will make a run for the White House?.

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) July 3rd, 2009

A horrific thought even to contemplate. I thought we were so done with her.

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It’s absolutely possible. If people are going to take her seriously is another point entirely.

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Anything is possible. I’m guessing she wants to get away from a declining state and quite possibly some looming scandals. She wants to follow in Mitt Romney’s footsteps, apparently.

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The Dream Team-
Palin/Quayle in 2012

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Hell, it’s possible I will run…just not likely. As for if she does run or not, I tend to agree with this article

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If Palin is the best candidate the Republicans can produce, we’ll have another 4 years of Obama.
I’m ok with that.

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well i hope the SS (secret service) stops her

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Moose meat & Potatoes. :P

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My husband (the Republican who voted for Obama) has been saying for a while that he bets she’ll run in ‘12, and I keep telling him that she’ll be in the White House over my dead body. God, I hope it doesn’t come to that!

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I think it would be good for the country and the Republican party if she ran.

For the country because Obama would win easily and we wouldn’t have to worry about some more competent but still idiotic Republican running the country back to the ground.

For Republicans because maybe, just maybe, her utterly failed candidacy will finally shock the party into realizing that they have to moderate and modernize instead of retreating even further to the fringe Palin represents.

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I think she quit so she could make millions in speaking engagements and books. I doubt if she will be a serious contender in 2012, but I am sure she will have a lot more money by then.

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I say have at it.

I don’t think she’ll get very far, in all honesty. Folksy talk and winking alone ain’t gonna win you the hot seat.

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Sarah Palin frightens me as a potential contender because some parts of the US really get behind amoral and unqualified candidates.
In 2000 they elected Bush which is forgiveable but the fact that they re-elected him was very disconcerting.

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Apparently, she was about to be under indictment for some shady real estate dealings in exchange for government contracts. If it comes out that she resigned to dodge provable ethics violations, she’s not going to run for the presidency.

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she might, but i think that the only way she might get anywhere with that is if the majority thinks with their nether regions, and votes in hope of a sex scandal involving her.

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@tiffyandthewall That’s an interesting thought. How would the US respond to an adultrous female politician?

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We keep forgetting that it doesn’t matter who gets elected in 2012 as the world will end in December of that year.

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Let’s hope not!

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I’m absolutely convinced she’s delusional enough to think she has a chance of winning the presidency. I’d be surprised, however, if she took a single state’s primary. And if she does, the Republican Party (what’s left of it) deserves the destruction it’s wrought on itself.

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Unless Obama has some type of complete meltdown he is guaranteed two terms. I think Palin will switch sides and we will see a Clinton/Palin ticket in 2016. GRRRL Power!

sorry joe…you just ain’t first chair material

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I think she really will make a run for the Presidency. I don’t expect it to get terribly far.

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My friend Jim wrote:

I hope she makes millions in the next 3 yrs on book deals and lectures, spends it all on the campaign, loses badly, goes bankrupt and, after Todd leaves her for Levi’s father, she’s arrested for prostitution and selling meth to catholic school kids.

Oh, and Bristol disowns her, gets a real education, is a liberal and becomes president (defeating the bastard son of Jeb Bush and michell malkin).

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She’s too busy hunting seals and wolves in Alaska, isn’t she?

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@mattbrowne- Yes. And from a helicopter.

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