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Do all americans celebrate independence day and how do they celebrate ?

Asked by backinflow (136points) July 3rd, 2009

i’m dutch and not familiar with independence day. i’m just curious.

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Not all Americans. But a large portion use the holiday as an excuse to fire up the grill and get drunk out of our anus.

We celebrate with food, booze and a massive amount of fireworks (if we aren’t passed out by then). Also, a large amount of us remember those who serve and the blood shed that has given us the right to celebrate in the first place.

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Not all Americans do anything, really. However, those who celebrate generally cook out (grill) or have a picnic—basically some sort of outside food. Then at night they watch fireworks.

And yes, there is often boozeahol. But that’s not particular to just this holiday. It’s kind of an American holiday staple, I think.

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Well as an American I don’t really celebrate Independance Day, we just light fireworks and whatnot
Edit- Oh yes there is alot of booze at times

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@EmpressPixie Lurve for ‘boozeahol’.

I don’t really celebrate the holiday, not because I don’t appreciate the idea behind it, just because I don’t like crowds. The main celebrations are always en masse at large parks, fairgrounds and the like. Everyone sits on the ground (or in lawn chairs), elbow to elbow, looking up at the night sky and saying ‘ooh, aah’ at all the pretty fireworks.

Sometimes, I do get together with friends for a cookout and some backyard fireworks, but that’s the extent of it.

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I usually like to look at the document once or twice around the holiday. It makes a nice Wordle too.

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i think that a lot more americans celebrate ‘the 4th of july’ than ‘independence day’, so to speak. they light everything that isn’t nailed down on fire, barbecue, and drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol, in the name of ‘patriotism’.

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I’m going to a picnic, where everyone brings a dish to share. At night, we’ll a watch fireworks display put on by the city. The kids will set off firecrackers and bottlerockets.

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I usually celebrate The Fourth by telling Britain to go fuck itself.

Then I go dump a bunch of Lipton’s tea bags in our pool.

and YES I am drunk when I do this

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I’m not sure how firing up the pit to sear some meat became synonymous with Independence Day, but that’s how it is here. If you don’t live in an area with a Burn Ban, you can have fun trying not to set your neighbors on fire with Roman Candles (I get that one…battlefield).
P.S. You will regret aiming the candles at the pool. While it looks really effing cool when you’re trashed, you will hate what you did when you have to vacuum the pool and scrub the sides down.
Oy, with the hindsight!

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Usually, city governments will sponsor a large fireworks display. Cities like Seattle and NYC will launch them off a barge in th middle of a body of water. In my town, there’s always a baseball game with fireworks afterward, and there’s another show at one of the larger parks. The shows are usually accompanied by traditional marching band or orchestral music (usually recorded)—patriotic songs such as you’d hear at a military review or parade.

Also, lots of people take advantage of the long, summer weekend to go camping, travel somewhere, or shop theholiday sales (TVs, furniture, appliances, etc.)

In addition to the booze, food and fireworks gluttony mentioned, it’s also common for yahoos to fire their guns in the air—illegal, but common.

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No, some people don’t celebrate anything, birthdays, national holidays, nothing…
I’ll celebrate just about anything legal, moral, ethical and fun. This usually requires some friends, and often includes alcohol.

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Most Americans spend the day bbqing, drinking, and watching fireworks. The day is a celebration of America, where we are fat, drunk, and like to watch stuff blow up.

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I like to celebrate by doing what we Americans do best: blowing things up and boasting very loudly about how badass our country is.

Oh, and Mexican food.

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I’m just in it for the fireworks.

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Well i am a american and i do celebrate the 4th of july
me and my family eat tastey desserts and watch the fireworks and take pictures and wear colors like red,white and blue

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I wouldn’t mind firing the guns at the jerks in are area buying and discharging illegal fireworks that are, essentially, 1/2. 3/4 and full sticks of dynamite. The newest firework(?) are tennis balls filled with gun powder.

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@irocktheworld Oooh, good catch… I forgot about the wearing of the colors! Red, white and blue are everywhere on the Fourth.

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got the day off from work yesterday. went to a baseball game last night. watched the fireworks. spent today laying around watching movies and surfing fluther
my brother bought some big fat fireworks. might have a couple veggie dogs on the grill for dinner.

its a good time =)

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@augustlan Your deffinitely right about that! I’m wearing the colors now :)

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My husband, kids and I watched the fireworks from afar… on our back steps. It was lovely.

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