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Dones anyone know if there is a way to access Pandora outside of the U.S.?

Asked by Jude (32162points) July 4th, 2009
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Try finding a proxy that routes through the US.

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Proxys are pretty much the only way. I think I may have seen something about it before, so I’ll look for that.

Edit: Try this, this, or this.

But I wouldn’t really recommend doing this. It’s just not worth it in my opinion when offers a similar (but not as good) service. I also believe it’s illegal.

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I’m a bit of a technotard. Could someone explain to me how that works and where I can get one?

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Sorry, check my edited response. It’s not something I would recommend, however.

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@dverhey Thanks. I did find this, though – Jango.

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Yeah, that’s a good site. So is

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Do you reside in the US or will you be traveling outside of the US?

If you were located inside the US, you could setup a program on your home computer to act as a proxy server. Then, on another computer outside the country, you could setup the web browser to use a proxy to connect to the internet through your home internet connection. This is sometimes referred to as a remote browser.

But yeah, proxies work too.

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I live in Canada. Thanks. I think that I’ll stick with either or Jango.

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