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Why do some men and women think that wearing your jeans 1/2 way down your butt and baring your boxers or grandma panties/g-string is either cool, acceptable, sexy, fasionable...?

Asked by Lovey_Howell (733points) July 4th, 2009

I’m fasionally disabled I guess.

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Because being incarcerated is cool, of course.

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@ Jayne, I’d think prison would be the LAST place you’d want to show easy access to your out-hole… :P

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Yes, but as the article says, it’s not really a matter of choice:

“While sagging did gain its start in the U.S. prison system, it was not a clothes-wearing style authored by imprisoned homosexuals intent upon advertising their interest in casual flings. Sagging pants became the behind-the-bars thing thanks to ill-fitting prison-issue garb: some of those incarcerated were provided with clothing a few sizes too large. That oversizing, coupled with the lack of belts in the big house, led to a great number of jailbirds whose pants were falling off their arses. (Belts are not permitted in most correctional facilities because all too often the lifeless bodies of their inmate owners have been found hanging from them.)”

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Because today’s young people are just plain retarded, I mean, have you seen the ‘air sex’ competitions?

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It would behoove a jailbird post-incarceration to gain some poundage in the butt area to keep their pants from falling down, I suppose…

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I know the police love it. You can’t run with your pants at your knees.

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It’s all late 80’s/early 90’s rap “music”‘s fault. Seriously. The popularized the idea of being cool because you’ve been to jail and all the little kiddies ate that up like it was crack. Having grown up In Coney Island Brooklyn(so many of those types around there) I cannot even begin to tell you how sick I am of seeing people dressed like that, acting like total idiots and causing other people stress for no reason what-so-ever other than “Because I mad ganstah son”.

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I guess they think it is cool. As an x-retail employee I can tell you if your pants are baggy and loose you are being watched every time you walk in a store, regardless of your race.

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Well, in some areas it is acceptable. Someone should have pulled me aside and asked WTF was up with my brightly colored hair and thrift store dresses. Old folks always complain about the “kids” today. It’s a sure fire way to know you’ve reached the point of crotchety, old person.

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@tinyfairy, I disagree, I like colorful hair unusually coiffed, I saw a guy with a rainbow mohawk (I know, so 1980’s) the other day and it gave me a smile. Don’t accuse us mature adults of being crotchety just because we think that wearing your pants like a baggy diaper looks retarded. I know plenty of young people that think it looks fucked up as well. I think old guys with their pants pulled up to their nipples looks retarded as well.

Anyone that finds baggy pants acceptable lacks a serious collection of operating braincells.

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As someone who loves old silent comedies, I have to add that Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd, Langdon, Arbuckle, and Chase would have laughed their asses off at that style. They were always looking for that costume to make people instantly laugh.

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Hasn’t this conversation happened every generation for the past 50 years?

Just as our parents didn’t like what we did, what we wore and what we listen to, we ain’t gonna like what our children do/wear/listen to.


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Opinion is one thing; I think it’s stupid as well. But complaining about it, IMHO, makes you crotchety.

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To me it seems fashion is only fashionable when the right people do it. For instance buckcracks aren’t fashionable when plumbers do it, but they sure are when rockstars do it.

Same with saggy ass-pants, bad haircuts, you name it. When an influencial person picks a style people will copy it no matter how dumb it looks. Take for another example; Madonna in the 80’s. Boy were those outfits nasty, slutty, unmatched, some even looked like she forgot to put on clothes altogether. But she was wildly popular, so kids did what she did.

It may not be just as simple as that, but I think that’s the main influence.

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@Lovey_Howell which only goes to show that emulating popular celebrities is in and of itself, retarded. If you can’t set your own standards and be an individual without emulating someone else, then what’s the point of even being alive? Might as well be a Stepford Wife.

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@tinyfaery well, color me crotchety then, and hey, you darn kids get the &$#& off my lawn!

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Hey man, I ain’t judging. Just as long as you admit it. ;)

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I can deal with most trends, but damn…pull the pants up. It’s just not attractive at all. This is one trend that is taking far too long to pass.

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To claim that this type of fashion is commonly acceptable is just plain wrong. Our malls, schools, and churches are full of people who do not dress like that. Perhaps you are looking in the wrong places. Go to a Habitat for Humanity work session, or a “clean up the parks and rivers” volunteer day for a look at what the leaders of tomorrow are wearing.

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@YARNLADY I’m going to disagree you here. The style is very much there, but perhaps not in your area. I don’t know where you live, but in urban areas, it’s quite common. It’s the style.

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Yep there are alot of narrow minded people around, agree with you Grisaille. Who decides this is wrong? Simply b/c you dont like it? this is a bit lame in/of itself.

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Nah, it’s a fair question.

I just think we sometimes forget our crappy styles from back in the day. In all honesty – when I walk down NYC and see a guy with his tight pants (literally) hanging down to his knees, I can’t help but smile. But who cares? Let ‘em live and express themselves, no matter how silly we think it is.

‘sides, my velour Addidas track suit is still sitting in my closet, so I can’t really speak on horrid style choices. :P

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yep things are cyclical , I just find it humorous people act as if “there style” is the “right one” you really can tell a person’s age/ mentality reading some of these responses.

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Hey, I can’t really speak.

I’m quite vulgar and opinionated on a myriad of topics (Yarnlady even put me in check once :P), so speaking of someone’s age or mentality on this particular thread is outta the question, haha.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra lurve for the air sex. Hilarious. Stupid as it may be, I would pay to see that.

I’m sure the crotchety older people here wore stuff that the generations before them thought were stupid as well. That’s progression for you.
PS. I am not a supporter of the sagging pant. I agree, it’s retarded and distasteful.

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It’s ugly for sure, but kids are just trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in. It makes them feel accepted, and like they fit in somewhere. Usually they grow older and drop the silliness because their minds mature and they don’t want to be a sheep in the flock anymore. Sometimes they don’t. It’s the same as all these little girls running around dressed like sluts. For some reason they feel that’s how they feel good about themselves. I’m glad I taught my daughter better than that, but a lot of kids have parents that don’t care. No wonder they look for acceptance from friends, that’s all they’ve got. Whatever, I’d rather support their right to personal style than to try and tell them to stop being who they (think) are. Yep it’s retarded but we’ve all been there. Look at your 9th grade yearbook photo….

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as a women i personally think its a little slutty. i think that your underwear belongs UNDER your clothes.

I mean the clue is in the title!

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As a man in my 40s, i would be embarrased with wearing my pants halfway down my butt. I do sometimes wear my pants (never baggy) on or near my hips.

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