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I am a twenty year old and am feeling bored and stagnant with my current situation, how do you suppose I broaden my horizons?

Asked by mm20 (54points) July 4th, 2009
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You might want to limit the length of the question, and put some into the details section.
Also, reading Hemingway while not drinking is illegal in New York.

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Join a social club, enroll in some classes at the local community college, volunteer to be a companion in the Big Brother/Big Sisters program, help out at the local food bank, work on a political campaign, join a health club, get off the computer

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When you say situation, do you mean job?

Whatever the issue, one way to change you perspective is to think about the things in your life that you have to be thankful for.

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Go for a walk in the nastiest part of town and start a conversation with the strangest person you see there.

They’re sure to have something interesting to say.

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@Judi that is helpful, how?

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Bored with your job? Find one you like. Bored with your current significant other? Well, discuss it with him/her, and see if you should just go your separate ways. Bored with your life? Radio the mother ship and see if they will transport you back to the home planet or one of the outer colonies.

There’s a reason why there is a details section under the question section. How else are we to know what “situation” you are referring to.

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@boots, stop sending people to my house, will you?

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Take a class, read a book on a topic you normally wouldn’t, meet new people, hang out here. All are enlightening in their own way. Welcome to Fluther, by the way.

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find something that you’re passionate about. finding yourself doesn’t necessarily have to mean traveling great distances for loads of money if those resources aren’t available to you. watch movies you wouldn’t normally watch. read more books. walk around (especially if you’re in nyc; what a walk-able place!). talk to people. even just go online and look at photography – the art of the photography doesn’t have to strike your interest, but the subjects might. just keep trying different things until something sits really well with you. and, i second @Judi‘s notion: do something!

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@YARNLADY ; It is helpful because sometimes, just getting up and taking a step, even a baby step is helpful. For someone who is depressed, even brushing your teeth is SOMETHING and is the first step towards getting where you want to go. Something, anything, is better than sitting, sinking further into despair.

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@Blondesjon haha tried those already
@Judi Yeah its not that im depressed im actually positive im not. This was actually just spurred by a night in brooklyn and my thinking that everyone around me was having so much fun and really “living life”, this was also probably blurred by my alcohol consumption ha but my morning after slight crisis mode has abated for the most part. There are some great suggestions on here though and Im working on finding some kinda hobby to keep me busy during some of the slower bits of summer.

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