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Would you rather pee in your pants at your wedding (in front of everyone) or not be able to stop laughing at your grandmother’s funeral?

Asked by AstroChuck (37461points) July 4th, 2009 from iPhone

So tell me~
Would you rather pee in your pants at your wedding (in front of everyone) or not be able to stop laughing at your grandmother’s funeral?

This question is from a game called Zobmondo!! Just curious which of the two you would choose. Explain your choice.

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I think I’d rather pee my pants in a wedding because it’d be quite disrespectful to laugh at a funeral uncontrollably.

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Pee. I’m not easily embarassed.

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@applesaucemanny- Not just a wedding. Your wedding.

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removed by me
I don’t see either of those events ever happening.

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It’d have to be pee at my wedding.

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I choose laughing.

My grandmother is a very funny woman and knows such. She’d want me to celebrate her life.

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The funeral. My grandma would expect no less from me.

As a sidebar, everyone had better be laughing at my funeral.

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Meh, I’d be wearing black pants already, so it’s not like the pee would be too visible. And I can always blame it on you, AC.

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@Jayne . . .Edited by me. I thought Jayne meant Air Conditioning, not AstroChuck. ooops.

@AstroChuck. . .Can’t you change who to would?

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What the hell. I’ll give you all the third option of peeing your pants (in front of everyone) at your grandmother’s funeral.

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Pee because if your wearing a dress at your wedding nobody will be able to tell. I hope

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@AstroChuck haha I’d think that would be the cause of someone laughing uncontrollably

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@Blondesjon- Not now I can’t. Couldn’t you have tipped me off earlier?
Yes, everybody. I’m a moron. The question should be Would you rather…?

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I don’t think laughter at a funeral is a bad thing, it would have to be with others and regarding a funny story about the deceased. I’m sure the deceased would enjoy that.

I almost did pee myself before I got married, I was so busy getting ready that I didn’t go to the bathroom and right before I had to walk down the aisle, my MOH ran me to a bathroom. lol

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I would rather pee at my wedding.
May as well let the spouse to be know what they are getting into right off.~

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well, since i’m R. Kelly IRL, people almost expect me to pee at my wedding.

certainly my wedding night

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i would rather pee in my pants at a wedding but ill be wearing a dress so it probally wouldn’t matter because it would be really really bad to laugh in your grandmother’s funeral.

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@AstroChuck I think I’ll go with the third option better, because I’ve actually laughed at a funeral before

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I would laugh at her funeral… she wouldn’t have been offended in the least.

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@augustlan I would have loved to have met your Grandmother.

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@Dog After her funeral, we had a huge wake. We all piled into a bus and drove for two hours to get to her favorite restaurant, where we all proceeded to drink our asses off. We sang and laughed, and celebrated her life the way she would have wanted us to. I can only hope my death inspires such a thing.

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After my grandmother was buried a couple of weeks ago, the entire family went to my brother’s house and had a gigantic pie fight. I think Grandmother would have been pleased if we all laughed all through the funeral. Although since I’d probably be wearing a dress at my wedding so no one would notice, I probably wouldn’t mind doing that either.

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I hate to send you Here but his question just made me think about it. Darn, I’m as grossed out as I was a year ago!

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Either, who cares

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Better than peeing in my grandmothers coffin. But that’s another story….

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ive never been to a funeral before…

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Let’s see, I just got married for the last time and both my grandmothers have already passed. Hey @AstroChuck….you gotta throw me a 4th option….well, no, to give me an option, I’ll need a 4th & 5th option. Never mind, I’ll plead the 5th! See ya…wtf

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Pee my pants, that’s not disrespectful and it would be a funny memory rather than a guilty one.

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Funeral. After all i could just blame it on the giggle loop.

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@uberbatman That is hilarious. I can’t even tell you how many times that’s happened – usually on a conference call or something.

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I go with how I feel at the time.
I am not 3 and my bladder is working fine. So peeing at a wedding is a medical or lazy problem.
Laughing at a funeral? Why do we have to cry?
I am sure my grandmother would prefer a smile then a frown on my face.

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pee. your back is to the audience.

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