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Is it best to get standby flights to save money? The day you need to travel and how much do you think I can save?

Asked by tusslec4th (6points) January 3rd, 2008
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I would not plan to fly standby; I’ve had to before, because of weather and flight cancellations, and it makes flying, which is already one of the most unpleasant ways of travelling, even less pleasant. Because you’re flying standby, you are automatically flagged for extra security screening, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get where you want to go—and if it’s a multiple-leg flight, you might get stuck in an airport (or in an expensive airport hotel) overnight. You might save $50 to $100 over what you’d pay if you booked a good fare in advance; you’ll more than make up for it in hassle, uncertainty, stress, and annoyance.

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thanks…cwilbur I am not looking for convenience, I am looking for the cheapest way to get to my destination.

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You might try flying Skybus if you live near one the airports they fly into. You can book flights as lows as $10 each way, if you book early in advance. It maybe your best bet for low cost, no frills flying. Another option is to book a ticket 24 hours in advance on a not so full flight. Airlines like to unload those seats at low prices just to fill them.

Good Luck!

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yes! If you have the time you could save a couple hundred dollars depending on destination.

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