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What type of greens are these? It looks like a leafy green and it has a purple stalk.

Asked by RedPowerLady (12593points) July 4th, 2009

I got some greens at the farmer’s market donated for an event we are attending. I want to know what type of green they are. They have green leaves with a purple stalk. The edges of the green leaves are not rounded like spinach. Thank You.

P.S. I tried to google but with no results. I tried both regular and image search.

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I actually have some beet greens and these look a bit different. The purple color is more faded and less bright. And the edges are a bit more wavy. Wavy is a bad descriptor but I can’t think of an accurate one.

Thank You.

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Could they be rhubarb, in which case the leaves are poisonous?

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I also have some rhubarb that was donated. Doesn’t look quite the same either. The leaves are an odder shade of green and still more wavy.

Are rhubarb leaves really poisonous?

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Poke sallet greens?

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I’ve always hear they are; never tried to find out!

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Collard greens?

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chard was my next guess. i bet that is what it is

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@RedPowerLady C’mon, what did you decide it was?

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Chard was my guess. I see it’s already here.

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It is the Red Russian Kale!! Thank you everyone for helping. This was a hard one! :)

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OK, lurve points for Gail all.

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