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So, what'd you do this Fourth of July?

Asked by Grisaille (12048points) July 4th, 2009

I decided not to take a trip into the city and watch the fireworks this year. Instead, I headed over to my parent’s house, fired up the barbie, cracked open a few cold ones and had a grand ol’ time. We decided not to watch the fireworks (pops needs to work early tomorrow morning, mother is ill), but we still had a bunch of fun. I’m home now and unwinding with a cup of coffee. Today was a good day.

What about you? I’m probably asking this a bit too early (still a quarter to ten here in NYC – all of you guys on the west coast are probably still grillin’!), but I figure you’ll see this tomorrow morning.

Did you have fun? Hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July. To all you non-Americans, don’t worry – we’re drinking on your behalf!

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I went to the Eiffel Tower.

Then I worked on some features for the site.

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Dude, can you make is so that whenever someone gives me a “Great Answer!”, a rainbow appears?


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We started out the day at the Old Town farmer’s market, where we bought a bunch of great looking veggies and some fruit and a couple of tasty baked goods.

Then we went home and had breakfast with Wimbledon watching the great match between the Williams sisters.

We grabbed the dogs and went for a long walk in a local nature center along a run.

Next, it was pack nap time.

After that, we grilled out hamburgers, which we ate with blue cheese coleslaw, deviled eggs, fresh sliced tomatoes and iced tea.

Then we went for a swim. Finally, we cosied up for Alchemy, a romantic comedy we found at the video store. (Put the dog that is scared of fireworks on the couch between us.)

Now, I am Fluthering. It was a lovely 4th!

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cooked out for family and neighbors.

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I knew I was missing something this 4th!

Sounds wonderful, glad you had a good day.

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I got my hair trimmed for the first time in a long time, and got to hang out with one of my best friends!
Then went food shopping for my baby boy’s 2nd birthday party tomorrow. We went to see fireworks, waited three hours while our little guy ran around a baseball field with other kids…turns out our son is scared of fireworks, so we had to leave. We sat in the car and watched them though…I think he wanted a safe distance.
And now my husband is putting together our boy’s big present for tomorrow. And I’m watching Knocked Up.

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It was Qingu’s birthday, so he was the emperor today. I made sangria, we bought some beers, and we grilled burgers and brats. One of his housemates made coleslaw, we had guac and chips, and the other housemate made fries. Qingu made aioli. We had lots of people over and had a feast. I made dessert. After eating, we played Rock Band. Now we’re all relaxing post-party.

Part of my relaxation involves trying to use Fluther. But to be honest, after the sangria and beer, I’m not doing very well on the typing.

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@casheroo OMFG I WANT ONE

In all seriousness, happy birthday to the little guy!

@EmpressPixie And… uh… happy birthday to the tike there, as well! :P

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went with my brother, his wife from germany, my aunt, and my mother to the area outside of an airplane landing, and watched fireworks some park was setting off. sat outside, let mosquitoes and other assorted annoying bugs bite at my legs, mourned the ozone layer, was nearly blinded by every car that decided to drive off 1/2 way through the fireworks and turned their lights on, listened to cars honking at eachother throughout the entire night, and tried to nap in the backseat of the van. the traffic on the way home is a whole ‘nother story.

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Sadly, I worked as I do every Saturday. I was hoping to be sent home early, but no joy.

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nothign special, as I did my usual Saturday routine, spent time with the wife, napped with the dog on the couch, and bitched about how the rain ruined my Saturday plans. I did come up with a way to seek revenge on the local meteorologist team for the lousy forecast, but then I remembered Evelyn telling me that all meteorologists go to Kangor the Water Planet when they die. That is a by far worse punishment than anything I can imagine.

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July the 4th? Oh yeah… I totally forgot..

My gosh that day has passed already?

Went to the beach with my family. Had a fun time.

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Slept till 11:30, got up, did a few chores, made lunch (grilled cheese). Spent some time on the computer. Ran to the hardware store to get a new bold for my bed frame, installed the bolt and put the bed back together. Spent some time watching TV w/ my son, spend more time on the computer & went to an early supper at Subway. Then went to a festival, saw a few of the exhibits, let my son play one overpriced carnival game, spent the $10 in food tickets I was forced to buy to get into the otherwise free festival, watched Elvis Costello perform live (5th time I’ve seen him). Watched the fireworks over the Mississippi River after the show. Went home & put my son to bed. Played a few minutes of Animal Crossing. Am on the computer again. Will be going to bed in an hour or two.

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We made deviled eggs and guacamole for appetizers. We made 20 pounds of fresh sausage in the morning. We smoked the sausage and a pork butt all day long. We had dinner with our daughter. We had pork, cole slaw, mac n cheese, fresh tomatoes and pork n beans. We watched movies and a little nascar and had a great day together.

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