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If a woman was wearing a low-cut dress and her nipple popped out without her noticing, would you tell her?

Asked by Facade (22917points) July 4th, 2009

Oh, the embarrassment

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You were watching The 40 Year Old Virgin, weren’t you?

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Yes, and have. I’d hate for her to walk away from the conversation with a runaway nipple on the loose.

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@peyton_farquhar nope @Grisaille lol, runaway nipple

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After a while….a long while!

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@Facade….I’m no stranger to shame…I’m wtf!

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Lol. It happened to a girl I was on a date with a long time ago. It was a cool summer night at the seaport and were walking side-by-side. She wore a tank top with nothing underneath. I didn’t notice her nip slip until I realized there was a small boy, about 10 years old, frozen in awe staring at her boobs. She only realized when I pointed it out to her.

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I would tell them, since I would want someone to tell me. I wouldn’t be embarrassed, it actually happens quite often because my son thinks they’re play toys when we’re out in public. I have to wear certain bras so it lessens the problem. lol

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I thought nips were sensitive. Wouldn’t a female notice a nip slip due to temperature change or cool breeze?

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I’d do the gentleman thing and fix it for her myself. Heck! My hand’s gonna be nearby anyway!!!

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Why, yes. Yes I would. What a great conversation starter.

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It’s similar to telling a guy that his fly is unzipped.

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Well, actually it’s similar to telling a guy that his fly is unzipped and his penis is hanging out.

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@SirBailey It was the funniest thing I had ever seen lol

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AND, may I add, I’d want HER to fix it for me herself, too.!

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(Every chance I get!!!) :)

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SirBailey, I like thee!

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Nope. You go out in a low cut top with no bra either a) you don’t care, b) you expect it to happen, or c) if you do care and don’t expect to happen, you’re stupid and deserve what you get.

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How harsh

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if i were a woman, yes. as a man in today’s america i fear being called out and arrested for looking and being a pervert

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I don’t think I would tell a complete stranger. If it was a 5 minute friend then yes, and definitely a friend or family member. Tough call though on the stranger thing.

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Your statement has me rethinking this. Actually, what a man could do is tell a nearby woman (stranger or no) to tell THE woman about her nipple.

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Definitely. I wouldn’t want someone facing that embarasment any longer than they had to

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it would be embarrassing man, but i think id take her to the side and discreetly let her know…

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I thought this happened at the superbowl a few years back. lol ofc are (US) media went nuts with this.

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