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How often do you go "commando"?

Asked by Facade (22917points) July 4th, 2009

Do you even do it?
Undies suck

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Does that mean not wearing underwear?

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Can’t say I’ve ever done it.

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Whenever I’m home. I generally wear pajama pants or sweatpants. As for outside, well..

I can’t really go commando with jeans as the chaffing is unbelievable.

I can’t go commando with dress/suit pants, as every step I take makes my package flop around rather noticeably – which isn’t a bad thing. Just… I’d prefer not.

Shorts of any fabric is outta the question. I’d hate to sit down and have a little fruit hanging outta the loom, if you know what I mean.

I wish I could, but I can’t.

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@loser it sure does

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I don’t really do it, but my friend freeballs even when he borrows my pants/shorts, which is kind of gross

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Freeballs is the best word ever created.

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I’d also like to point out that us guys can wear nice loose boxers and get a similar feel. I have a particular pair of lucky red silk drawers that mimic the experience quite nicely – without me bouncing and jumping all over the place.

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@Grisaille but that’s the best part :)

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I go commando whenever I’m in the shower.

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@Facade Hey, I’m cool with people checkin’ out my junk – normally.

But if my package is bouncing about like a group of Mexican Jumping beans hopped up on Red Bull, I doubt that’s a pretty sight for the ladies.

Unless you prove me wrong, in which case I’m going commando tomorrow.

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Never again! I did once. This year I went to Mexico. I had a brand new pair of swimming trunks with me that I had ordered online. However, these swimming trunks didn’t have the mesh net lining. I couldn’t really picture wearing underwear with swimming trunks as underwear doesn’t dry quickly. So I wore these net-less trunks to the beach. Few problems arose (or didn’t).

1. When the trunks got wet, they became see thru and my junk was on display for everyone. Oh well…
2. While walking back to our room, I realized it was becoming very painful “up front” with every step that I took. Upon inspection back at the room, my mushroom head was chaffed darn near bloody raw because of the rubbing against the seams of the trunks.

This pretty much ruined sex for the rest of the trip. Lol

Word to the wise! Avoid commando at all costs.

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@Grisaille I can’t prove you wrong. I can only say that it’s a pretty sight to me haha
tmi? maybe…

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@Deepness omg! that’s so horrible :(

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So, @Facade, how often do YOU go commando? Inquiring minds want to know…

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Only sometimes when sleeping. I quite like wearing panties.

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Not often, I used to a lot when I was younger…but I don’t find it comfortable anymore.
I recently convinced my husband to try wearing underwear to work, since he was having issues with the helped tremendously, so now he actually wears underwear!

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Well, I did today with my dress :) I don’t do it that often because the thought doesn’t cross my mind.

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@casheroo lol, it’s great when men listen to us

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@Facade As promised, tomorrow will be a breath of fresh air for the boys.

Let’s see how it plays out.

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@Facade, let me know the next time you do. I’ll do it too in your honor! :)

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haha sounds good :)

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Never. Ever. Ever.

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@NaturalMineralWater you don’t know the half of it

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Pretty much any time I’m not at work and have to maintain a modicum of professionalism. I’m commando right now.

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They do make boxer shorts for women and I love them, they are very comfy. My favorites have strawberries on them.

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@rooeytoo I love boxer shorts on women. Not for any sexual reason in particular, but I think it’s cute.

Now, if they’re wearing my boxers… that’s a different story.

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Never. I can’t stand it. It just feels too weird. LOL ;)

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I beg to differ.

It feels so right.

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Never. I mean at home I wear my pajama bottoms with no underwear, but with regular street clothes—never.

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@Grisaille – would it be a good “different story” or a bad one if it were your boxers???

and why?

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@rooeytoo Good. There’s something about a women wearing my clothes post-coitus, be it a dress shirt or my boxers.

I know, TMI.

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Always (underwear is so….....restricting)

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as often as possible

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I live in a permanent state of commando. I was kicked out of my house at 18 and did not have any underwear to change into, so I decided none at all was better than wearing dirty ones. Now 12 years later I would never dream of putting on underwear!

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