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When you think back to what you wore when you were younger, is there any outfit that sticks out in your mind that you'd now consider to be unattractive/embarrassing?

Asked by Jude (32198points) July 4th, 2009

But, back then you thought it was the “cat’s ass”? And, maybe, you wore it – a lot.

What was it?

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Many, many outfits. I remember a pair of pants that were my favorite pants. They were made out of some thin, rough, itchy material with a big floral print. And they were wide and flowy lol. I loved them!

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Pink and white checkered pants. I even wore them to jury duty once.

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Two words: Hammer Pants

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@Facade I totally remember those pants!!

As a child I wore a yellow jump suit that I thought was the cutest thing ever. When I was a bit older I got slightly over-zealous with the leggings and long shirt look!

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@NaturalMineralWater UH-OH

Can anyone say Velour Addidas Track Suit?

How about Kangol hats?

On the rock-ier side of things, I was known for my fingerless gloves, chains that hung from my waist (which weren’t really connected to anything in particular), and multiple bracelets.

Oh, yeah.

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A horrible baby blue velour jumpsuit…
And jelly shoes.

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Does anyone remember the pants with tons of fabric at the hips that you could either tuck in to make big pockets or pull out, wrap around and then button the overlapping triangles in the front? Those.

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@Grisaille XD Maybe I should buy some hammer pants after all.

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@NaturalMineralWater Pictures, please. For the love of God, pictures.

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My light blue polyester Nehru suit with short sleeves, bell-bottomed pants and platform shoes. A chick magnet at the time, just swelled a few ankles when I fell off the platform shoes , dancing to the Bee Gees…or Abba..or Richard Harris..Macarthur park..or Donna Summer..the lost 70’s… ice cool..
Thank God I never took a picture…

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For me, there were a few—some from the 80’s, some the 90’s. In the early 90’s, I remember wearing jeans with a denim buttoned down shirt (the jeans and the shirt were different shades of denim). Along with that, drowning my hair in “Sun In”, so, that it would go from a nice brown to a stunning orangey-orange, all done up with a rather fetching plastic banana clip. D’gorgeous!

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@Grisaille- All I can say is,
“Ooooh I, I love the nightlife
I got to boogie
On the disco ‘round, oh yeah…”

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The funny part is, a lot of the outfits that I would offer in response to this question, are now back in vogue! Hiphugger bell bottom pants in the late 60’s, only we wore them with shirts that snapped in the crotch so we didn’t flash anyone!

Fashion always repeats itself, so if you have room in your closet, save it, it will return!

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@rooeytoo May the Gods have mercy on us if @AstroChuck walks outside with that… thing… on.

Similarly, I doubt people want to see me in a velour tracksuit, as I’d be tempted to rock it old school: zippered up all the way with a pair of Adidas high-tops, aviators and a ridiculously oversized gold chain that says ”$”.

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@AstroChuck is that actually you? It looks like the kid in your avatar, but, there he’s all “growed” up.

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Pants and shirts with too many zippers….

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@jmah- Yup. That’s me circa 1979..

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I was a teenager in the 80s, but didn’t wear too much that was outlandish. Even back then, I was a jeans and sneakers kind of girl. I did have a pair of black ‘pleather’ pants, tight as a second skin, ending just at the ankles. They might have been a little slutty. ;) In my defense, I think I wore them twice.

However, I have a picture of me as a little girl, sitting on Santa’s lap. I am wearing: A midnight blue velour-like coat, with fluffy white ‘fur’ all down the front, a pair of green plaid pants, and red rubber snow boots. That little ensemble is all on my mother.

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Oh my. Back in the mid-90s, I had a polyester wide-legged one-piece thing from Express in a ditsy yellow-green floral print that zipped in the back. I think the legs were supposed to be wide enough that if one wasn’t paying close attention, it looked like a long dress. Hideous. I actually wore it to work.

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When I was younger, I used to wear baggy jean shorts(with a cuff in them) and a t-shirt with Bugs Bunny, Tazmanian Devil, and Wil E. Coyote dressed in street basketball attire. I actually still have the shirt somewhere. :)

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Bright green 10 holed, Doc Marten’s, green ad black horizontal striped tights, plaid shorts with about 6 colors, primarily blue and red, a large, navy blue t-shirt, topped off with a mop of green or red hair. Oh, yeah.

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I had a jean jacket with cut sleeves, on which I had painted a dragon and a couple of other pictures (using 4 different pens). I also wore leather string around my neck with a Papuan coin (it had a hole) and a shell I’d found on the beach.

Together with a pair of faded jeans (also stensilled) and leather boots, this was my outfit for about a decade, regardless of weather conditions (yes, I’d wear just that sleeveless jacket and nothing inside even in the middle of winter). I never got cold.

I was actualy wondering just yesterday where they are so I could put them on again.

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A pair of yellow pants that were so tight I had to jump into them and then lay on the floor to zip them up. They didn’t leave much to the imagination. I can’t imagine why I liked them. I wore them to school until a sicko in a car made some suggestions about what he’d like to do while looking at me in those pants. They went to Goodwill.

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@AstroChuck Haha! Pretty eyes, Sir Chuck.

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@AstroChuck now in today’s world, that’s funny, but back then, you were one well turned out dude. Y’all quit making fun of him!!! ’-)

As for what I wore, this goes way back. We lived 2 blocks from school & back then girls weren’t allowed to wear long pants to school. We had to wear dresses. So my mom made me wear pants under my dresses in the winter. I’d get to school & take them off. Granted I’d have froze in bare legs, but ooohhhh, how I hated that.

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@AstroChuck hehehe just decorated my wall with pop your pic made me giggle!!!!
Think my most embarrassing thing even thugh I thought it was cool) has to be my banana yellow jersey catsuit what made it worse was that my nose as peeling the summer I wore it :) I looked like a walking banana!!

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I wore leggings A LOT!

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@AstroChuck – It’s that arrowhead chain that ties the whole look together, says the child who wore denim gauchos and G.A.S.S. earth shoes with pink knee socks to grade school in 1977.

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combination of long sleeves, a vest, cycling shorts and black shoes wherein I had replaced the shoelaces with safety pins.

(can you say fashion victim?!? yuck.)


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@filmfann- Thanks. I really didn’t need to see that.

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ohhhhhhh filmfan, nice ass!!!

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oh yh deffinatley. but didnt we all?

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As a kid my mum used to buy me leggings. At the time I thought they were cool (especially my Lion King ones) but now, not so much!!!!

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