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Does your neighborhood sound like a war-zone?

Asked by SuperMouse (30842points) July 4th, 2009

I am sitting in my house surrounded by neighbors who have been blowing off fireworks for a good four hours. Is this happening in your neighborhood? How do you feel about home fireworks?

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It’s 1130pm here, the fireworks stopped around 10pm..which is probably a noise issue. Doesn’t bother me, since 10pm is a good time to stop them. I’d be pretty pissed if they were still going though.

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I’m living in New Jersey now and everything is pretty subdued around here. Snap here, crackle there – the occasional pop in between.

When I was still living in The Bronx, however… yeash! War zone is being kind.

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I live in a border town (I’m from Ontario, Canada and we border Michigan.) and our “Canada Day” was a few days ago, but, I’m still hearing people shoot off fireworks around my neighbourhood. Last night, some douche decided to let them off at 4 in the morning.

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No, we live a few blocks from a major public fireworks display and carnival, so most of the kids in our neighborhood are at the carnival. I’m sure they would much rather spend their money on rides than on fireworks.

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I don’t mind them. They were pretty subdued this year.

Now (11:30PM) it’s quiet as a mouse.

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It’s 11 pm and there is some dipwad who bought some mortars and they are LOUD I understand the desire to blow shit up, as I did my fair share of it when I was young and stupid. But never after ten pm and never stuff that sounds like a friggin nuclear bomb.

oh shit, my crotchetyness is showing again.

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It’s not too loud here. I’m at a lake so there’s not a whole lot going on around here. Small town, so not a whole lot of noise.

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No. I know what gun fire sounds like. It just sounds like fireworks.

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It’s stopped here but I was personally lighting off mortars for an hour or so. This is the first year I really bought some serious fireworks with great displays and the neighbors were out in the street applauding. It felt good to give the kids a show. Next year I’m heading to Pennsylvania, packing my truck to the roof and praying I don’t get arrested coming across the George Washington Bridge or Lincoln Tunnel.

And I can personally say, if you ever get the chance check out the show in Manhattan. It’s the best fireworks display you will ever see. They spend millions on this show. It’s unbelievable and the display just keeps escalating until the crescendo is like a nuclear war if a nuclear war had twirling stars and smiley faces :).
The best place to see it is on the river but be aware it’s like Times Square on New Year’s Eve. You get a spot and you can’t move until they remove the cordones for that block-but definitely something to do at least once in your life.

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At 10:50 its finally starting to calm down in the foothills of Los Angeles suburbia. What’s really frightening is there were a lot of fireworks going off right here in the foothills and this is a high hazard fire area. It looks like we survived another one. See ya…

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Yes, I used to enjoy fireworks, but now I really dread the Fourth of July. I’m not far from the foothills of L.A., either, and I worry about the fire hazard. And I hate the effect it has on my dogs. It really terrifies them!

When I was younger, the Fourth of July was my favorite holiday. These days, my favorite is Thanksgiving. It’s quieter and increasingly more meaningful to me.

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I love fireworks and the fourth of July, but I think that it should be illegal for individuals to set them off. Some of the states I have lived in it was illegal. In FL, where my in laws lived, they would set off fireworks in the street where there were cars parked! Here in TN some years it seemed very dangerous to me after a couple of weeks of no rain. Not to mention you can blow off your hand or burn someone. I just got back from the city fireworks and there were people watching the fireworks while still setting off some of their own—why is that necessary?

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I hated the world last night…when ALL night till the morning, dumbass neighbors were doing fireworks and neither of my children slept

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It’s illegal in NY but it’s overlooked. I live blocks from a precinct in the suburbs and there was explosions everywhere. As long as you’re safe, it’s fine. In Southern CA with the dry conditions, I could see it being a real issue though. Here in NY it’s greener than Oregon. We’ve had rain almost every day of June.

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@SeventhSense When I lived in NY I remember being up in the catskills and we went to an open field and someone set off fireworks, but living in Westchester not far from the city I don’t remember people breaking the law. The safety issue is big for me, if the law is there and it has not rained in weeks, at least NY has the law if they want to inforce it.

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