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How can I reformat a Windows NT hard drive for Mac OSX?

Asked by mooncat1973a (5points) July 5th, 2009

I have an external hard drive formatted by Windows NT. It has read-only permission when I plug into the Mac, and is no longer visible to my Windows machine (unknown reason!). How can I reformat the thing so my Mac can have full read/write permissions?

Thanks all!
Alex aka Mooncat1973a

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Reformat the drive as FAT and not NTFS. OS X Can only read from NTFS but it will not write to it. But it can do both on FAT drives.

You could try installing macfuse to see if that will let you read and write to NTFS partitions. Last time I tried it was a little clunky but that was a few years ago. It could be better now.

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You should be able to plug the drive into your Mac, open up Disk Utility (its in Applications/Utilities),

click on the hard drive in the sidebar, then click the Erase tab,

choose the Volume Format from the dropdown menu selection

(Go with Mac OS Extended (Journaled if you want to only use it with your Mac, or use MS-DOSS (FAT) if you want to use it with your Mac and your Windows computer)

and click the Erase… button.

It’ll format and in a short while and you’ll have a drive that’s ready to use.

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Thanks that was great, what is RAID Set Name and what RAID Type should I choose? Options are: Mirrored RAID Set / Striped RASID Set / Concactenated Disk Set

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If its just one external disk you don’t have to worry about RAID.

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