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What do i do about my brother?

Asked by GraceC (22points) July 5th, 2009

right, my bro who is seventeen has never ever been interested in my gymnastics, but now he has suddenly been turning up to watch me train, last night i realzed that he was watching this girl all the way through.It was really off putting and i felt embarrased by his behaviour how do i get him to stop? x

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you will be better of confronting him, tell him how you feel and more importantly how its affecting your performance.
however he is entitled to look at girls you no, but i do understand the embarrasment, but i bet you anything your the only person who noticed, If needs be tell him that the girl he was checking out already has a boyfriend , hope that helped x

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Well was this a problem for the girl? I mean did anyone else focus on his staring or was it maybe not as noticeable as you think? What can I say? He’s allowed to look at whomever.

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This does not seem that big of a deal to me. He is a guy. he is 17. He is interested in the girl.

1. Remember your brother’s behavior does not reflect on you.

2. He may just like her. Why not introduce them?

3, The only problem I can see is if she is underage. You did not say how old you are.

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@Marina Good point with number 3.

If that is the case tell him that’s creepy, straight up. A 17 yr old shouldn’t be needing to use his little sister to scope out chicks. Tell him it’s creepy and pathetic, and if he doesn’t stop then you’ll tell that girl he’s stalking her. (don’t actually tell her, cause that’ll just cause problems, but play the bluff)

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Why are you bothered by his behavior? Are you embarrassed that he is watching this other girl because she does not want it? If that’s the case then you should just be honest with your brother and spare his pride as well. But if you’re embarrassed not for him but for you—do you think he’s like-stalking ie: not in the legal sense but just watching her too creepily this girl or something? Well, I guess I’d still have the same advise, talk to him and let him know he’s creeping you out or making you uncomfortable.

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