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It makes me feel awkward when this happens; is it normal?

Asked by ANNA94 (12points) July 5th, 2009

Is this normal or what ?
hia, i find it really weird when my older bros gf is round and they are all over each other, does anyone else have this.
like the other night he was supposed to be looking after me but instead he invited his gf over and they sat and snogged and she was climbing all over him while i was in the room.
i don’t know i just felt awkward is this normal or what?

ps he is 16 and im 14 !

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maybe you are jealous :D

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They really shouldn’t be doing that in front of you, but you should also tell them to back off, or go somewhere else. Or you can leave if they won’t.

Or maybe they’re just exhibitionists…

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Do your parents know this? Of course, it’s normal for you to feel this way. You’re showing more sense than they are, that’s for sure. They’re being very immature in acting this way. NCAA!!!

@ragingloli jealousy has nothing to do with it. It’s tasteless & rude. You’re not getting the picture here.

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If you want them to cut it out, just sit there and stare at them until it makes them uncomfortable. They’ll get the hint.

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Or film them…

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What the hell is a 16 year old doing babysitting a 14 year old to begin with? Failure on all parts here.

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There is nothing wrong with them doing that, but in front of you?! Yuck. And your 14, now wouldn’t that be akward : )
Hmmm, why don’t you do the same? That would make him feel weird for a change…

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If I were you I would rat him out to your parent or parents… If he is making you uncomfortable then he needs to be aware of that so he can act appropriately around you.

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Ew. Heh, start asking them sex questions while they’re about to go at it. Like, how old you have to be to start taking the pill. That should ruin your bro’s mood.

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Not a nice situation to be in, why don’t you turn the tv up really loud or cough heaps, otherwise try bringing in a saucer of milk and some dog food and say, if you are going to behave like animals….
Seriously though if they are making you feel awkward let them know and if it still happens have a word with your parents. GOOD LUCK X

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it’s normal to feel that way. i feel that way too whenever my brothr’s girlfriend is being TOO makes me uncomfortable to be in the same room as they are. i mean, GET A ROOM or something! just tell your mom, it helps. lol :)

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WOah! thats really wierd and i think its really bad if they do it in front of you and maybe you should ask your brother to maybe not bring his gf over while hes suppose to watch you and yes it is normal for them to do that but its just messed up when they do it in front of you.

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It is 100% normal for you to feel awkward! It is also 100% inappropriate for him to be making out with his girlfriend while he is supposed to be babysitting you! If you are comfortable with telling them, I think your parents would want to know.

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this is pretty normal if you haven’t yet experienced much of this yourself, and for many other people that feeling continues whether or not they have experienced things like that themselves. feelings like what you experience are why the “pda,” public display of affection, prohibition was set for some public areas like schools, etc.

it really isn’t a problem that you feel that way. just tell your brother to bring it to his room and close the door.

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@MrItty As usual, you’ve hit it on the head again. Why is a 14 year old being watched by a 16 year old anyway? This all sounds verrrry odd.

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If he’s supposed to be ‘watching you’ then that’s what he should be doing, not making out half the time

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It is perfectly normal to feel awkward when confronted with someone else’s amatory behavior. If your brother won’t listen to you, then tell your parents. Do they even know that his gf is over when they are out and he is supposed to be “watching” you?

If they don’t, they might appreciate the heads up before they suddenly discover they are going to be grandparents sooner than expected.

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Totally normal. Nothing wrong with you little bud. Everything wrong with him and your parents unless they don’t know about it.

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When my sister was doing this to me, I walked in the room like I reading a book but I really had a camera behind the book. I whipped out the camera and got them doing things my mother would never approve of. My sister caught hell and Mom just gave me lurve!

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@Clair and you made thousands on an amateur porn site?

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@MrItty try millions.

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