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Cubase or not Cubase , that is the Question ! ?( Details inside)

Asked by sandystrachan (4412points) July 5th, 2009

I want to record instruments maybe even voice using usb microphone . Should / could i use Cubase 4 studio , or will i have to use something else ?
I am using windows xp ( sp2) and have a usb microphone , would love to record my guitar and bass to the computer .
Wondering what would be best for doing such things , i have used Audacity and something else that was free . But would like to try something else , to be able to add samples and loops would be an added bonus .( mainly drum loops )

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Ableton would be good to add drum loops as would Reason once you have your recording on your PC, Cakewalk have some very professional software recording packages.

Best of luck!

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I would personally recommend Ableton Live. You can demo it for free.

I also have friends that love Cubase. I prefer Ableton, it is easy to use, and works like a charm for experimenting and writing/recording music, adding samples, mixing, sound tweaking, MIDI, etc.

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