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Do you cook with gasoline?

Asked by reijinni (6953points) July 5th, 2009
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Uh- gasoline in it or over a gasoline fire?

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If you are asking whether I use a gas stove, the answer is “yes.” The builders had installed an electric stove and I had them change it to gas. There is a large tank of propane on the outside wall of the kitchen, and the gas company checks it regularly.

It is the only way to cook; an electric stove is exhausting, time-consuming, requires endless hovering and is still a lot of guess-work. Plus, when the power goes out, which it does a lot here, I can still use the burners to heat soup, boil water, sterilize water, etc.

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@Dog LOLL.

I agree with gailcalled. A gas stove is much easier to cook with. You can regulate the flame. Electric stoves are the pits. If you turn the heat down, it takes a long time for it to regulate. I wouldn’t have one, personally. It’s natural gas for me.

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If I had my choice: gas stove, electric oven for me.

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There is a big difference between gasoline and natural gas for cooking.

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@Dog, and the taste of the food is the least of them.

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Keeping your hair ranks right up there on the list!

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@Dog: meant cooking over a gasoline fire. Not gas, gasoline. different things.

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Gasoline does not burn clean enough for safe use to cook food.

When gasoline oxidizes it leaves gummy, sticky resin deposits.
When combusting gasoline produces carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide which will permeate the food and be ingested by anyone eating the food. Add to this the common additions of sulfur, lead and other components and your meal will be a toxic one.

It will also taste nasty.

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Cooking on gasoline is dangerous and would leave residue on your food so the short answer is NO.

@ Dog don’t forget benzene which increases cancer risk, specifically brain tumors.

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@gooch Indeed- and more!

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Now that’s a fire!

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just order out perhaps? :D

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The only way I can think of to cook with gasoline is to use it in a generator and generate electricity. Are you thinking of gas as in ‘natural gas’?

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Do you masturbate with barbed wire?

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@Blondesjon: do you pee on the electric fence?

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No, gasoline is a highly flammable liquid and can explode with the smallest spark. Even the fumes can explode. No one should ever cook with gasoline.

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There is gasoline camping stoves.

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Perhaps you are thinking of a special fuel knows as white gas, Some stoves that burn white gas can also burn unleaded gasoline or kerosene. If you are camping near water, reviews suggest avoiding petroleum-based fuels like white gas, kerosene or unleaded gasoline. Experts say that spilling just one capful of unleaded gas can pollute 1,000 gallons of water.

they are also very tricky to use,because of unintended flare ups, and illegal in most National Camping sites, and California.

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My co-worker’s husband attempted to cook with gasoline because he was out of charcoal. After six weeks the bandages came off but then he had to go through physical therapy to keep the scar tissue from tightening up and making his hands immobile. Also, his left eyebrow never did really grow back.

I don’t recommend it.

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