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I love the summer, and here in Canada, with so little time to enjoy, I ask, what are your favorite summer pastimes?

Asked by dannyc (5240points) July 5th, 2009

It is a a beautiful day here in The Toronto region. I just watered my grass, in my shorts, chewing the fat with the kids, barbecuing a burger. It does not get much better, simple, true, and relaxing. What do you do to use the summer months to your advantage?

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Swimming. I love the silky feel of water on my skin.



Long walks in the woods with my dogs.

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the beach. everything summer happens at the beach

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Eating at outdoor restaurants, barbecuing on the deck, picnics (sense a common theme?)

Also, walking to the beach, evening sails on the river, pool parties, hiking.

Today is a gorgeous day in the md-Atlantic U.S. and we are sitting on our back deck reading and waiting for friends to come over so we can barbecue some burgers. This morning I took a long walk just admiring the greenery all around and feeling lucky to be here right now.

Deosn’t get much better.

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Spending time outdoors, feeling the grass under my bare feet, digging in my flower garden, and just generally enjoying the feeling of being alive. Don’t get no better than that.

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I’m in the Niagara region and our fave pastime in summer are horseshoes, bonfires, pool parties and BBQs….

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Nothing beats this during the summer. Or at any other time of the year.

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Baseball games & Pearl Jam shows

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ironically, it rains more than the sun shines in florida, so the beach is usually a tricky thing to plan for, as is barbecuing and any other fun outdoor activities. hah.

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I try to stay indoors so that my skin doesn’t get cooked in the dry heat of Arizona summers. After the sun goes down, though, anything and everything is fair game.

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I stay indoors and play video games constantly. The sun is my enemy.

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We are campers. Since the summer is short here too in upstate NY and the winters are brutal, we take full advantage of the summer sun. We do picnics in the park and take walks, go to outdoor concerts and swim in the lake. But camping is the best, we can live outside for a week and spend so much quality time as a family. This year has kind of been a bust so far though, so much rain!!!!

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Camping, sex, fishing, sex, swimming, sex, hiking and…

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