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In what original language is the English Rosetta Stone Software Language Program?

Asked by seVen (3478points) July 5th, 2009 from iPhone

If it’s in English than how the heck will people not native to it learn English?

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I imagine that the software asks you which language you speak.

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What language is the Spanish program in? Or the French program? or any of the other programs?

Do you think only English speakers want to learn another language?

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When I installed it the software didn’t ask. Here is what is in the bundle.

I assume it is like Office and you just buy the copy in the language you speak.

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Rosetta stone is always in the native language. When you use Japanese, Chinese, Polish, German, et. al. – there aren’t any english instructions. From beginning to end, every iota of language is in the language printed on the front of the box [instructions and all]. That’s why you learn so fast – it’s immersion.

Source: pirated experience. and legit.

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In English speaking countries, the English-to-Whatever versions are available. In France, the French-to-Whatever versions are sold. And on like that.

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No, that’s not how rosetta stone works – it doesn’t teach you by translating, you are taught by pure immersion. Your native language is nonexistent in the entire program.

Source: experience.

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That information makes the original question redundant. I learned French and Spanish in classrooms. I had no idea.

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