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Question for the ladies-whats the consensus on female expectations for male grooming "down there"?

Asked by Heidikf (24points) July 5th, 2009

OK Ladies I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. As women we have gone to all ends on kepping outselves groomed down there-Brazilian, neatly trimmed, or taking it all off. It seems that lately men are finally following suit by doing some grooming “down there”! So whats the expectation on how you think a guy should be groomed “down there”? I basically narrowed it down to 4 choices:

1) Shaved or waxed shaft and sack with the rest of the hair near the pubic bone neatly groomed;

2)Completely shaved or waxed with no hair down there whatsoever;

3)Just neatly trimmed-but no shaving or waxing;

4)Totally bushy with no grooming at all.

Please vote on what your expectation is. You can even tell how your guy is groomed now and if it meets your expectation. Or if you have a fun story about how you got your guy to groom, you can share that too!

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(You left out “Combed and parted, with either hair spray or Brylcreem”)

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I use a toupée, myself.

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a Salvador Dali!! David Baddiel did a very funny sketch on this but can’t seem to find it on you ube just yet!!

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LOLLLLLLLLL…..I’m laughing out loud here. You guys are a hoot.

I’d love to have #3, but what I’m going to get as I have for years, is #4.

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this is the show he made the joke only had time to check the 1st one as hubby is going mad that I am on the laptop AGAIN!!

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it’s the second link :)

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My general preference is just trimmed; having no hair at all would weird me out. But if a guy wants me to go down on him, he better not leave all that mess to just grown itself.

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no reason to do anything with it – i don’t do anything with my ‘area’ either and personally, I think it’s dumb that women are expected to trim and shave and do whatever else down there a lot more than men

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I have tears rolling. I went to that link & read. I wonder of AstroChuck ever got his dreads? LOLLLL

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I just want him clean and the way he is naturally.

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I have no preference, as long as he’s comfortable with his choice

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I prefer neatly trimmed but my life will go on either way.

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Depends on the guy. If he wants special landscaping on me, he’d better pony up himself. But if he’s cool with me doing whatever I want, he can do whatever he wants, too.

My husband doesn’t care what I do. He’s just glad to be there. :)

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I don’t mind natural, or a trim.

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I’m goin natural.. lol… and if a woman demanded otherwise I would show her the door… that’s just me. xD

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natural.. there are more important things to worry about

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I prefer trimmed…I don’t like a ton of hair, but I don’t like it bald either. I like knowing that the guy I’m with is a grown man, and grown men have hair.

And @NaturalMineralWater Well I certainly hope you don’t expect your lady partners to put a lot of effort into their upkeep if you aren’t willing to return the favor.

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@Frankie There’s the door. xD

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Trimmed, waxed or lasered but not shaved. Shaving makes the ends of hair act like barbs that chafe and welt when rubbed on delicate bits and cheeks.

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Speaking from a mans point of view. I keep it trimmed and shave my nuggets for that special occasion.

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