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If you could be any where in the world right now,where would you be? Why?

Asked by irocktheworld (2119points) July 5th, 2009

I really want to go to the beach right now and i just randomly had a question in my head wondering where you guys would rather be.

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At Haleiwa Ali’i Beach on the north shore of Oahu eating a shave ice from Matsumoto’s. After I finish up my shave ice I’m donning my snorkeling gear and heading out to swim with the green sea turtles.

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An island resort with my babe

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Actually it would be more of a case of the company than where I was. Right now I just wish I was with my favourite person and I wouldn’t really care WHERE we were.

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In bed next to my man – anywhere.

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Kauai, Hawaii with my husband and daughter and our best friends and family who live there.

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Gdansk, so I don’t have to drive all the way up there in the morning (from Prague, like 1000 miles away)

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arizona. i don’t know why, but why not.

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I would be in my room, at my desk, behind my PC. And as it happens, I am. :)
I’m generally a “home sweet home” kind of person. I’ve been to some distant places, but I always ended up missing my home before long.

P.S. I do believe a very similar question has been asked before, about where we would be if we could teleport anywhere for one hour, but I can’t seem to find it.
I chose an hour in Paris then. I don’t feel like Paris right now though.

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A greek island with my husband paddling in azure waters.

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I’d like to be somewhere tropical and free of political unrest.

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WOODSTOCK!.... woah I just looked it up and it’s on my birthday O_o

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I’d be right here with my love and babies

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I’d be in my dream land, I know cheesy but it’s my dream. Or maybe Florida but since I hate the sun I’d probably just want to go to Antartica. I hear there’s penguins!!!!! :)

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I’d be camping in the wilderness of Australia somewhere close to Uluru (Ayers Rock) just because it sounds like a fun and interesting thing to do.

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I’d like to be in Norco CA with my adopted lil brother and his Dad, simply because I’d like to go there, but have no way or the funds to afford it at the moment. Dammit, where did I leave my portable teleportation device?

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@Bluefreedom Bird eating spiders.

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@Marina. It would be pretty frightening to see a spider that is big enough to eat a bird. Wow.

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@Bluefreedom Your wish is my command.

My sister saw a spider that spread across an entire car hubcap in downtown Sydney. As a serious arachnophobe, i has deterred me from moving Australia up higher on my places to go list.

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@Marina. That picture is enough to drive me to become an arachnophobe. Amazing but freaky too. Yikes.

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Well, right now, anywhere away from my living room because my dogs just farted.

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@sawcawmahtaw lol that was random :P

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yeah i’d probally go on a tropical island or maybe even california to check everything out or maybe even at the beach :)

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Elsewhere. Just… elsewhere.

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Rio De Janeiro! I went there this year and I fell in love with the place. It’s soooooo absolutely fantastically awesome!

I’ve travelled plenty and Rio was just breathtaking in so many ways.

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Cayman Islands. I lived there for six months this past year and miss it everyday. The people, food and beaches were amazing. I feel as if I left a part of me there.

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I would be in Berlin, because thats where my hunny is :)

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On the island Maui, with WTF and our daughter and her husband and soon to be new grandson. Paradise….

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@Marina, stop that! There are no spiders like that in Tasmania, everybody. So you can still come to Australia, just skip the mainland :D

I’d love to be in Egypt at the pyramids, or Pompeii, or Greece, or Madagascar or wait actually I wish I was in NY right now and could meet up with all the nearby Flutherites.

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@shrub Even spiders would not stop me from visiting you!

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Ireland – with my whole family. I’ve always wanted to live there – don’t really know why.

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Anywhere cold because right now it’s too freakin’ hot.

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@HumourMe – Wanna trade? It’s too freakin’ cold where I am right now.

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